Grace Dalgleish at Colour Education Day

Award-winning colourist and creative expert, Grace Dalgleish recently provided The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Project Colour Team with a day of colour education. This took place at the beautiful home of Billi Currie in London.

Grace Dalgleish has taught courses across Asia & Europe representing brands and her work has featured in multiple leading magazines, both trade and consumer.

Grace is a firm believer that every paint is different – and will prepare you to approach any client that walks through your door with confidence. Her approach to colouring is visual first and foremost, and always extremely technical. Graces signature style is all about creating seamless blends and truly unique tones. Most importantly, you can also recreate the colour time after time.

The Project Colour Team were delighted to get an insight into Grace’s world of colour, her techniques and an insight into how she captures the processes of her work. “What an amazing day with Grace, ” commented team member Stevie Leah Loscombe. “It was incredible to see her creative process from start to finish. And the thought process when mixing colours for the desireddesired outcome. I’ve come away feeling so inspired and can’t wait to practice some of these techniques.”

Partner for the day was Vish

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