Graphic Organic by X-Presion for Aveda

Aveda presents the Graphic Organic Collection. It is part of its first ever guest artist collaboration with world famous artists X-presion; also the IHA’s International Artistic Team of the year.

Graphic Organic

X-Presion is the creation of three young entrepreneurs from Madrid, Marco Antonio Restrepo, Jorge Cáncer and Jose Luis Almendral. The brand is famous for developing cutting edge techniques through a mix of different artistic disciplines, material, as well as concepts. Their first collection for Aveda, Graphic Organic, celebrates their signature graphic style while incorporating shapes and patterns from nature.

Graphic Organic delivers an Aveda-exclusive technique. It inspires, educates and ultimately also translates into a unique coloor look that anyone can wear. With a mutual appreciation of artistry as well as shared ideals, the partnership between Aveda and X-presion formed naturally. “The values we have in common with Aveda around balance, wellness and artistry made it an obvious match,” explains the X-Presion team. “We were excited to work on this project and also to share it with the world.”

Unlimited tonal customisation

The trio views hair like a canvas; with Aveda’s vegan, customisable hair colour they were able to highlight the line’s unlimited tonal customisation using their own vision. “As creative, non-conformist thinkers in hairdressing, to work with Aveda Full Spectrum to achieve a palette of so many colours and infinite customisation was an incredible experience,” said X-presion.

To create the looks, Aveda and X-presion worked in partnership to bring colour patterns to the model’s hair. They used an overlapping method to accomplish the effect. The team formed a large palette of custom formulas using Aveda’s high-performing vegan Full Spectrum colour products. These resulted in a range of shades for truly unique and versatile looks.

Creative Direction + Hair Cut/Style & Colour: X-presion Fashion Stylist: Andrea Sanchez Makeup: David Lopez Photographer: Javier Marquez Aveda Technical Educator: Natalia Prager Colour Director, Aveda Lifestyle Salon Madrid: Adoracion Ruiz Hair Colour: Aveda Full Spectrum

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