Grey Hair Coverage: Carole Ritchie’s Top Tips!

Grey hair coverage is the number one reason to colour in over 35s So offering them a service and a product that delivers will result in happy clients!

“The pandemic has certainly made some of us embrace the natural greys and let the roots grow out, but other clients are especially keen on grey hair coverage,” explains Matrix Artist Ambassador, Carole Ritchie. “There are a number of different reasons why people decide to colour their hair; the main one is to make them look and feel younger, as grey can be associated with ageing so grey hair can make you look older.

“As we get older the pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually die. With fewer pigment cells in the hair follicle, that strand of hair will no longer contain as much melanin and will become more transparent like a grey, silver or white. How early we go grey is determined by our genes, so this means most of us will start around the same age as our parents or grandparents first did.”

Top tips for covering grey hair:

1 Get a single process colour service , as long as you keep up with the regrowth on a regular basis this is the obvious choice

2 If your client isn’t majorly grey then go for a highlight or lowlight which can also make the grey less noticeable.

3 Matrix Extra Coverage is totally intermixable with all of the SoColor collections with the exception of the ultra blondes, so this extends the colour palette immensely.

4 Opt for a permanent root blanket coverage. Using the 500 series in Matrix is perfect for this, as long as the hair is 50% grey and over this will completely banish the grey with its double pigment technology. Then in between visits clients can use a temporary root touch up kit to cover up.

5 Using highlights/lowlights gives you that multi-tonal look which helps to blend in the grey giving you more of a natural finish.

Case Study

Grey Hair Coverage

Stylist Name: Sharon Peake at Ethos Hairdressing:
Amy is in her late 30s and not ready to show her natural white hairs just yet, she wanted her natural roots covering fully, which is why we opted for the full coverage range. Root application with full coverage for 50 minutes development time using Matrix SoColor. Colour Sync acidic to very softly tone and add shine and condition to ends without shifting the base.

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