How to Create a Crown Braid with Ellen Devine

Learn how to create a whimsical, pretty crown braid style using a scarf with the amazing Ellen Devine, Sam Villa Ambassador.

(New York, NY) – Scarves are still hot and sure to take on all the shimmer and glimmer of the upcoming festive season. Ellen DevineSam Villa Ambassador @ellendevinehairbreaks down one of the prettiest ways to wear a scarf seen all over TikTok. Check out the crown braid here.

A big square silk scarf works best, one that’s fairly large because you want it to pass your natural hair length when you braid,” explains Devine.

How To: Crown Braid

  • Brush hair with a Sam Villa Artist Series Finishing Brush to smooth, create two low ponytails with a center part and pull out face framing pieces.
  • Fold a large square scarf into a triangle and then the long way until it’s 3” wide (oblong).
  • Split hair above one elastic and feed the end of the scarf through, repeat on other side.
  • Divide hair on one side into two sections, fashion a 3-strand braid with the scarf being the third strand.  Braid until natural hair ends, secure with elastic.  Repeat on other side.
  • Lift both braids above head and wrap in the opposite direction.  From here, either tie a bow or feed ends back down the other side of the braid, tucking in loose ends to create a crown.
  • Pin the bottom back for extra hold.

This is such an easy up style and priceless on a bad hair day!” Devine adds. For a fuller crown, randomly compress hair with a Sam Villa Textur® Professional Texturizing Iron to add extra volume and grip, and then pancake (gently pull apart) braids for a more dramatic effect.

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