How to make your salon software work for you during the pandemic

Quotes from iSalon Software Managing Director, Darren Pick

With salons reopening earlier this month across the UK, it has taken time to adapt and work to the new normal that we all face. In times like this it is important to be ahead of the game and ensure all aspects of your business are working for you. Here are some ways you can ensure your salon software is working to make your life easier and more manageable.

  • Manage stock levels

Banish paper stock takes and go digital to make this process easier and more efficient for your salon. iSalon software provides you with the tools to create an inventory of all the stock you have in the salon and then easily update it from then on. You should be able to access this information remotely from anywhere so if you are having to work from home or catch up in the evenings, it won’t be an issue.

  • Going paperless and contactless

iSalon Software is designed to make the customer journey as simple as possible for clients within salons and spas. With PaymentSense clients can use contactless to pay for their service reducing the passing of cash and allowing the client to pay without touching the card machine. Furthermore, with iSalon Software clients can opt in to receive an email with their receipt immediately after paying. Not only does this reduce contact and therefore the spread of Covid-19, it also reduces the printing and ensures clients have a copy on file should they need it.

  • Work remotely

Command Centre allows salon and spa managers or owners to manage their iSalon system remotely, which is exceptionally helpful when working from home or on the go. Our team is available to help salons re-work their appointment times to allow for any additional time to clean the room after each client. You will then have access to this information on your computer, mobile or tablet to make for easy access on the go.

  • New way of communicating

With the latest version of iSalon v11.11 you can add a box to IB3 that allows you to enter a message, there is an automated iSalon Covid-19 SMS that is sent ten minutes after a client books an appointment with you. This message is configurable and will give clients peace of mind and confidence before they visit you.

  • Updated price list

Not only are we able to help salons create a stunning new price list via iCreate, we can also help you to share this with your clients. We can integrate your new price list with your current website and online booking with iSalon. This makes clients aware of any price increases before they reach the salon.

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