How to Save Time & Maximise Profit When Your Nail Salon Reopens

While the reopening of hair and beauty salons might still seem way off in the distance, there are still a few ways you can prepare yourself for when they finally do.

For a start, when you can get back to work, you are going to need time and profit to be on your side.

With a pent up demand and only so many hours in the working day, maximising the amount of money you can make during this time is essential.

Take a look at these 5 ways to help you save time and maximise profit when your nail salon reopens…

1. Use an e-file for gel and acrylic removal

If you currently use acetone to soak off your clients’ gel or acrylic nails, you’ll know how much time it can add to the appointment.

Not only this, but did you know that acetone can dehydrate the nail, which can lead to nail separation?

A speedier alternative that can actually help protect the natural nail is e-filing.

Many nail techs are put off from using an e-file because they feel like they can cause damage to the nail. However, when used correctly, this isn’t the case at all. In fact, you only need to gently prep the new nail growth, meaning it doesn’t undergo any additional dehydration.

As e-filing is quicker, it also allows you to see more clients through the day, helping your business boost profit.

Take a look at this video from Willow E-file creator, Lucy James, to see the benefits of using one to debulk nails…


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If you are still unsure about e-filing, take a look at our blog talking all things e-files with Willow – here, Lucy shares some more tips on safely using one on your clients!

2. Add a builder gel to your nail services

Upselling is a great way to make more profit from your nail business.

For clients who usually just get gel polish, why not ask them if they want to try builder gel?

Unlike regular gel polish, builder gels allow you to add thickness, length and additional strength to the nail. So, it’s ideal for anyone who wishes their nails would grow just that little bit longer.

Some builder gel’s can simply be left as they are with a top coat for a natural finish – like Glossify’s gorgeous range. Or, you can paint over them with a different colour gel polish.

Glossify Naturabuild

Why should you try this? Some salons charge up to £5 more per treatment for the use of a builder gel over regular gel polish. So, you can maximise the profit you make on treatments as well as give clients an extra stunning manicure.

Check out our full guide to builder gels to find out more about them!

3. Improve your salon retail range

When done properly, salon retail can account for a significant portion of your profit.

Even if half of your clients leave having bought an extra product that day, you can have a healthy second stream of revenue coming into your business.

One of the good things about nail services is that clients need products to care for their manicures at home. Having some cuticle oils or nourishing hand creams can make for an easy sell. The Naf! Stuff range includes some fun fragrances that can sell themselves to clients!

Or, why not have some bright coloured nail polishes for clients to take home? Peacci nail polish matches the exact same shades as those from The GelBottle, so are great for a DIY pedicure.

Peacci Nail Polish Fairy Pink 10ml

With recent salon closures, more clients have also had to resort to removing their gel nails themselves, too. While you would obviously rather them come to you to have this done safely, you can help them do it themselves with our Lotus DIY Gel Removal Kit. This way, if they ever can’t get into the salon, you can guide them through the process.

4. Offer luxury upgrades

When nail salons reopen, a lot of clients will be looking for a spot of pampering they deserve after a tough few months.

What’s more, constant hand washing, harsh sanitisers and winter’s cold temperatures combined may have left many with rough, dry skin to deal with.

So, why not come up with a new service that brings an added touch of luxury to your client’s day? Voesh New York’s Collagen & Argan Gloves help nourish and rehydrate the skin while you perform your manicure. The fingertips of the gloves can be removed to allow you to get on with your work while they do the job, so they won’t even add any valuable time onto the service!

5. Don’t undersell your skills

The key ways to ensure your nail business stays profitable is to always ensure that you are charging enough.

If you have learned some new nail art techniques and skills during lockdown, make sure you don’t undersell yourself. If you are adding glitter, embellishments or ombre effects to your manicures, you first of all need to ensure you are covering any additional costs this includes. Price enough to cover new supplies and additional polish you might have to use.

Depending on the nail art you have mastered, you could charge between £5 to £15 more. This could range anywhere from doing a couple of simple accent nails to detailed hand painting across the whole set.

Come up with a treatment menu that works for you, values your time correctly and leaves you with a good profit at the end of it.

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