How To: Spiced Copper Lights using Ruskin10

On the heels of RUSK Hair’s latest Ruskin10 shade extension, learn how to get this season’s most covetable shade – Spiced Copper Lights!

To achieve the Spiced Copper Lights look from RUSK, you’ll need:
Formula 1: RUSK®in10 13/4 oz. 6C + 1/2 oz. 8G = 21/4 oz. Rusk® 20 Volume Developer
Formula 2: For Glaze: 2 oz. Rusk®in10 6C + 2 oz. Zero Lift

Regrowth Technique:

● First, apply Formula 1 to regrowth following the root melt, technique below:

● From the crown back to nape, root melt Formula 1 down 3 inches.

● From the crown forward, leaving out a 1-inch-deep parting along the front hairline, root melt Formula 1 down 2 inches.

● Apply Formula 1 to 1 inch of regrowth at the hairline parting.


● Start at the center back at the crown and form a horseshoe shaped section ending at the hairline at the temples on the left and right sides.

● Carve a middle part in the horseshoe to form left and right quadrants. Clip both sections away.

● At the occipital, carve a parting from ear to ear. Divide this section into left and right quadrants with a center part, leaving out the hair below the occipital at the nape.

Spiced Copper Color Technique:

● Apply Formula 2 to nape section on zones 2 and 3. Start at the left back quadrant at the crown and carve out a diagonal back slice.

● Lay foil down and paint zones 2 and 3 with Formula 2. Continue the same technique with diagonal back slices, alternating Formula 1 and Formula 2as you move toward the front hairline to complete the entire left side.

● In the right back section, carve a diagonal back slice, lay foil down and paint zones 2 and 3. Follow the same technique, alternating Formula 1 and Formula 2 to reach the right front hairline.

● Paint zones 2 and 3 of the 1–inch front hairline parting with Formula 1.

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