IHAs ’22: Breaking News Revealed for 4th Year

After an astonishing growth of the contest, the International Hairdressing Awards announce the calendar for their fourth year. The IHAs ’22 will take place in Spring 2022 and participation will be open from September to January.

Soon the organisation will give more details about the IHAs ’22 awards ceremony; once again it intends to surprise and revolutionise the usual format.

The International Hairdressing Awards are an independent company under the direction of directed by the well-known Spanish hairdresser Mikel Luzea. Support for The International Hairdressing Awards comes from Revlon Professional as main sponsor. Estetica Magazine is global media partner and Beauty Underground is also a sponsor.

“The pandemic prevented us from holding the awards in person in 2021. However, the machinery of the International Hairdressing Awards has not stopped for a moment. We are happy to announce the calendar for the fourth year of the event, that we also hope can develop as normally as possible. For now, in September we open the participation and encourage hairdressers from around the world to participate. There are so many surprises to come!,” explained Mikel Luzea, director and founder.

How to Take Part in the IHAs ’22

Every hairdresser from all over the world can take part in the contest. They just need to sign up at www.ihawards.com as well as uploading their photographic collections; (4 pictures of 4 different hairdressing styles, professional shooting, hi-res). Two categories, International Haidresser of the Year and International Artistic Team of the Year, need a pre-selection to take part. The remaining categories (Best International Men’s Collection, Best International Women’s Collection and Best International Avant-Garde Collection) are open to every hairdresser. Delivery of the two honorific categories (International Hair Legend of the Year and International Hair Influencer of the Year) comes from the organizing committee; they are not open to general participation.

Announcements for the pre-nominated shortlist for International Hairdresser of the Year and for International Artistic Team of the Year will be on 13th September, and entries will be open from September 15th. Once the entry period closes, on January 10th 2022, the judges will vote the participating collections and on 13th February, the finalists will be announced in live streaming.

The winners in the five categories will be revealed among the fifteen finalists whose candidacies will be chosen by a jury made up of five renowned international hairdressers, a pannel which will be announced soon.

The Organization

The International Hairdressing Awards are an independent beauty company, powered by hairdressers, which has been supported from its beginnings by a main sponsor of international relevance who believe in the message and mission of these awards, Revlon Professional. Also, Estetica Magazine acts as global media partner and Beauty Underground as sponsor. These brands have made a strong bet and have combined their forces to make this event an international success. For more information, visit www.ihawards.com.

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