In Memoriam: Lluís Llongueras

Today, we mourn the loss of Lluís Llongueras, the legendary hairdresser and artist, who passed away on Monday, May 29th at the age of 87.

Farewell to a true visionary whose legacy will continue to inspire and influence generations to come: at an international level, Lluís Llongueras stood as the most influential Spanish hairdresser of all time. He was renowned and admired globally, earning his place among the most well-known figures in the industry. Today, the entire world of hair and beauty shares in the grief over the loss of this legendary hairdresser and artist, as the Estetica family joins the expressions of sadness.

Llongueras was a universal legend, excelling in various artistic realms. His contributions to the craft and his mastery in hairdressing have shaped the present industry. Without his monumental presence, the world of hairdressing would not be what it is today. He paved the way for future generations of talented hairdressers and ushered in a golden age for the profession. His passing represents an irreplaceable loss, not only for our industry but also for the broader world of culture and art. His multifaceted talents, ranging from hairdressing to photography, sculpture, painting, and even poetry and writing, elevated him to the status of a total artist.

A master of his craft, Lluís Llongueras evolved his style over time while always remaining dedicated to serving women. Today, Llongueras leaves behind a lasting legacy as a reference in the industry, with over 70 salons bearing his name in Spain and a significant international presence in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Switzerland, Japan, the Dominican Republic, and Andorra. Numerous traits and characteristics define his persona, with one of the most notable being his advocacy for women. In fact, his influence played a pivotal role in the liberation of women during the 1960s. As he himself declared in the media, “I disheveled Spain to free women.” Ahead of his time in many respects, including the feminist movements, he fought for wage equality between men and women as early as the 1960s and implemented it in his beauty salons, becoming a pioneer in gender parity.

Roberto Pissimiglia, along with the entire Estetica team, extends our deepest condolences to the loved ones of Lluís during this challenging time. “Creative, entrepreneur, editor, writer, television commentator, sculptor, painter, photographer. And I stop here because one can never fully remember and recount everything about Lluís. It is difficult to find a character so talented, multifaceted, dramatic, sensitive, passionate, and unstoppable. However, Lluís Llongueras will go down in history primarily as a great hairdresser, a unique and unforgettable individual. Thank you, Lluís, for being my friend for so many years!

The artistic journey of Lluís Llongueras has left a significant mark. As the son of a fashion designer and raised in the small Catalan town of Esparreguera, the world of beauty and fashion was never foreign to him. Serving endless queues of clients in a small room, he would soon experience the success that launched his meteoric career. A pioneer of revolutionary initiatives, Llongueras opened the first unisex hair salon in 1972 and began sharing his expertise in educational schools he founded, as well as through books such as his essential ‘Llongueras Method,’ and awe-inspiring shows—remember his fabulous Jornadas Llongueras? His exceptional skills in the field of styling, always pushing the boundaries and introducing new techniques and trends, led him to work alongside and mingle with the most influential figures in the national and international scene, while maintaining close friendships with artists like Salvador Dalí.

In one of his final interviews for Estetica Magazine, we asked him, “Which were your most fulfilling years?” And with his proverbial enthusiasm, he replied, “All of them! I have lived my life to the fullest, and I can tell you that I am currently experiencing it with complete fulfillment… Age means nothing to me! In my youth, I had great mentors who, instead of giving me advice, guided me in a more general way, opening my mind to see things from a different perspective. I remember a phrase from Dr. Guitart that stuck with me: ‘Make your brain control your body, not the other way around.’

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