Inanch Emir on Working with Celebrity Clients

Inanch Emir, whose eponymous salon is in the heart of Fitzrovia, London, has built a name for herself as the go-to name for hair extensions – with a celebrity client base, her own brand of premium extensions, and a business that is world renowned for its expertise in hair transformations.

Inanch Emir

With so many A-listers visiting the salon, Inanch London has built its name not just on exceptional service and beautiful results, but also for its discrete, professional and premium approach. We caught up with Inanch Emir to find out what it’s really like to work with high-profile clients, her advice for other hairdressers wanting to build up their celebrity and red carpet work, and her expert tips for ensuring those all-important hair extensions always look their best.

Celebrity Salon Visits

“Celebrities like privacy, so we are always careful about not making it public knowledge that they visit our salon,” says Inanch. “That means we always avoid posting on social media unless the client has tagged or mentioned us – in which case we would then go ahead and repost, repost, repost! This is also how we manage to maintain such good relationships with our celebrity clients, because they trust us not to reveal their personal information. We would also never ask them if we can make it public unless they do so first”.

One thing that we all know is that celebrities love extensions for those ultra-glamorous shoots and red-carpet appearances, and as the industry’s go-to expert, Inanch has her own luxury brand: Gold Class Hair extensions.

Inanch Emir

Used and loved by the likes of Maya Jama, Alesha Dixon and Rochelle Humes, Gold Class’s superior hair quality and expert application method, combined with an accredited aftercare programme, means that every client’s own hair remains in perfect condition during and after wearing their extensions.

Extensions for Every Season

As one of Inanch’s Gold Class clients, Maya Jama always looks sensational – and audiences have loved watching her on screen during this season’s Love Island. Inanch says that she wears curly Gold Class in 50cm, using two or three shades to give a natural look with added definition and movement. If your clients are jetting off to enjoy some winter sun of their own, here are Inanch’s top tips on maximising styling and how to care for your extensions when heading out for some winter sun!

“The main thing with extensions is to ensure brushing every day to minimise any matting as a result of day-to-day styling or life in general”, says Inanch. “If your clients are going to be on the beach or at the pool, it’s important to make sure they always wash out any chlorine or sea water before going to bed, and that they do not sleep on wet hair as this can cause matting. My advice would be to always brush the hair before bed and tie in a low ponytail when sleeping or doing water activities.”


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