The latest collection by  Goldwell Global Ambassador, Angelo Seminara, is inspired by the loneliness and inner self-reflection of the past year. It visualises the essence of the modern woman who exudes a calm self-confidence that can only be achieved through natural self-knowledge and acceptance of oneself.

This basic idea runs through the entire Intimate collection. The result is a series of mirror-image looks that focus on women who feel completely comfortable in their skin and who wear their hair beautifully and confidently.


Hair: Angelo Seminara @seminaraangelo 

Hair Colour: Angelo Seminara und Takashi Kurokawa  

Photos: John-Paul Pietrus @johnpaulpietrus

Styling: Niccolo Torelli @niiccotorelli

Make-up: Daniel Kolaric @danielkolaricmakeup

Nails: Cherrie Snow @cherriesnow

Products: LightDimensions by Goldwell