Introduce change into your salon

How do you get your team to buy into a new technology like Vish? As always, anything new begins with good communication. 

Innovation drives growth, but the idea of introducing change can be scary. Persuading your team to accept something new, like Vish colour technology, when they’re busy and, let’s face it, a little too comfortable can seem unfeasible. But reluctance to introduce change for fear of upsetting the team can lead to stagnation, and stagnation will see profitability flat lining as guests and motivated stylists move to more progressive competitors. 

  1. Talk up the Positive

It’s common for people to resist change. So, when introducing Vish, review the benefits before installation and discuss how you will adapt as a team. 

Vish cuts waste, saving thousands of pounds on colour mixed and then thrown away unused. The latest findings put it at an average of £1.10-worth of colour left over after every technical service, totalling approximately £15k annually for a medium-sized salon. Cutting costs makes for a more robust business, which is good for your team. 

So, too, is taking the onus away from the stylist to communicate any extra charges for additional colour bowls or products like toners to the guest. Once a client’s service is complete, the exact formula and service details are sent automatically from Vish Colour Bar to Vish Front Desk, ensuring one hundred per cent accuracy when charging for products and services. 

Vish also makes it easy to keep up-to-date colour records – they are just there in the system. No more writing information down by hand.

There are many benefits to Vish, so it’s important to communicate them with your stylists from the beginning. 

  1. Value Education

Vish values education and is passionate about giving salons and stylists the tools they need to reduce waste and increase profit. Vish users receive comprehensive on-boarding and training and can access unlimited tech support. Salon owners and stylists can also access online resources such as blog posts, tutorials, case studies and white papers through Vish’s online content library. 

  1. Appoint an advocate

Assigning in-salon champions to deliver additional back-up helps. In many Vish salons this role has gone to an enthusiastic assistant, always ready to demonstrate the mechanics or weigh bowls. Once the system is embedded, stylists quickly find checking the guest history on Vish much more convenient than searching for record cards. 

  1. Reward success

The perceived hurdle often communicated by owners before they implement Vish is stylists having to reweigh their bowls. Fortunately, once Vish is set up in the salon, the team quickly appreciates technology that makes their job easier, especially if there is an incentive to sweeten the deal. 

The reweigh allows Vish to refine the formula, slashing waste and costs and providing an accurate record of quantities, so it’s worth the effort. 

Some salons offer an extra commission for the stylists who hit a certain reweigh target at the end of the month, while others give a bonus to the stylist with the lowest amount of waste. Regardless of the incentive you go with, rewarding those who hit their reweigh targets, even if it’s simply acknowledging who is top, helps build the salon culture of acceptance and championing the change.

  1. Publicise innovations

Diverting millions of tons of colour from our water systems or landfills is an amazing achievement for every Vish salon, and your team should be recognised for their part. Make sure you talk it up in the salon, on your website, and social media. Share the positive and thank your team for being open to innovation. 

Introducing change in your salon doesn’t have to be scary, and by positioning it the right way to your team, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. 

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