In a world where we need quick appointments and even quicker transformations, Remi Cachet launch their Micro Tapes hair extensions.   As the name suggests they are small and seamless tape hair extensions from the luxury brand, with just 2cm width tape tops.

The Polyurethane tape top mimics the hair growth direction and with the colour-matched backing, ensure the small attachments sit and blend perfectly into the client’s hair.   Each tape of double-drawn human hair weighs 1.2g and is designed to be discreet even for those with very fine hair, especially around the hairline.

Releasing in 10” this is the shortest length extension available to the brand that also extends right through to mermaid tresses of 30”.   Working with the shorter lengths allows stylists to embrace the growing lob hairstyle trend, but to reduce wastage which is hugely important to the brand that is working hard on their sustainable credentials.   This new release will be packaged in their fully biodegradable pouches.

Part of their Elegance Hair Range, the hair is sourced ethically from the Southern regions of Russia and Mongolia, and the brands leading range adored for their hair quality.  Client’s with a good at home care regime are able to get 12 months wear from their extensions which makes the investment in good quality hair worth-while.  This range also offers 55 colour options, including pre-mixed, ombre, dip-dye and root stretches. 

Since introducing their Injection Tapes a few years ago, the brand has seen tape hair sales soar and brand creator, Victoria Lynch continues, “Having the Micro Tapes in our collection of extensions gives stylists even more creativity instantly.  With the tabs being so small and seamless, they work best as face framers and side fillers, or in conjunction with other products such as our half wefts, to fill in the sides.   With the light weight of these tapes, they will help those with damaged hair from breakage to recover and grow their hair again.”

“Timing wise, with salons coming out of lockdown their column time is precious and so offering a speedy service is essential and tape hair extensions work well for this and first time extension wearers, with a service taking around an hour for a full head application and reasonable pricing on the hair to make it affordable to give extensions a try.”

Releasing in 10” length at £59 RRP for a pack of 20 strips totalling 24g. Trade Account discount available.  Stylists and salons can apply for a free account online.


COLOUR 9/613
30 pieces (One and half packs)
Complete service time with preparation and styling: 1 hour.

Hair: Victoria Lynch
MUA: Vicky Hedley
Styling: Katy Quinn

Remi Cachet are proud to offer their customers a hair journey that is 100% recyclable and sustainable

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