ISNEW Collection by Hairkrone

Innovation with a promise to surprise without disappointment: it’s always an attractive and seductive concept when the future that sneaks into the present to and shocks us!

With a nod to the instinctive diversity of Generation Z, ISNEW Collection by Hairkrone, is full of striking images, vibrantly intense colours and textures that are full of creative electricity and spark. 

The digital-native Gen Z did not have the chance to know the analogue world. Their relationships and their way of communicating is purely digital and through the latest and most innovative technologies they establish relationships and communications of all kinds. A generation that gives importance to the image through digital media.

Irreverence is a common attitude in many young people who begin to find their own path in life, and challenging authority figures around them. As a result we have fresh, modern and very colorful images!

This is how ISNEW Collection by Hairkrone was born.

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Credits ISNEW Collection

Hair: @hairkrone
Make-up: @hairkrone y @ccoroas
Photo: @davidarnalteam
Wardrobe: @visori_official
Video: @nitomrx

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