James Earnshaw Appointed Wella Professionals Global Ambassador

Wella Company is very happy to announce that UK-based hair colourist and stylist James Earnshaw has been appointed Wella Professionals Global Ambassador.

James Earnshaw

A highly admired and respected in our industry, James Earnshaw is already a multi-award-winning hairdresser. He has become a social media icon thanks to his engaging content and passion for colour transformations. He is also well-known his dynamic online content.

As Wella Professionals Global Ambassador, James will work exclusively with the brand across colour, care and also styling. He will collaborate closely on core strategic areas. This will include partnering with Wella’s R&D team shaping innovation, new services, and the creation of new collections, showcasing Wella at global events, and educating hairdressers around the world.

Bringing Wella brands to life

Having worked with Wella for the last decade and in recent years as a Digital Color Ambassador for the UK & Ireland, James has a deep understanding of Wella brands and is a master at bringing its diverse product range to life. His role has seen him educate and entertain in global territories. These include the US, Australia, as well as all over Europe. He has also worked with Wella on a number of standout campaigns including KP:ID and Shinefinity.

“James has been part of the Wella family for many years. We have watched him rise through the ranks,” says Hugh Dineen, President, Global Brands & Global CMO. “He is a young, talented and versatile artist who brings a unique blend of strong creative artistry, outstanding execution abilities, combined with an excellent digital presence. This puts him in a unique convergence of where the industry is heading in the coming years. We are so happy that James is becoming one of the youngest artists to take on this role.”

“I am honoured and privileged to have been appointed Global Ambassador for Wella Professionals.,” adds James. “Having worked closely with the Wella family for the majority of my career, I truly believe in all its values. I love Wella’s innovation, they allow me to push boundaries and unleash my creativity.”

Ultimate Repair – in 90 Seconds!

James Earnshaw

James’ input and creative expertise have been instrumental in bringing Wella Professionals’ outstanding new skincare-inspired haircare range, Ultimate Repair to life.

Initially, the inspiration for Ultimate Repair came from skin, which has the ability to repair itself from damage in two ways: regeneration of new cells from the inside, and restoration of a protective barrier on the outside.  However, hair can’t regenerate itself like skin does. So, the challenge for Wella Professionals was to develop o range that would replicate the reparative powers of skin, but for hair. They have succeeded in Ultimate Repair. 

The breakthrough came in combining two skincare ingredients: Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Omega-9. Together the combination repairs all hair types and textures from the inside out. 

ULTIMATE REPAIR = treating both the inside + the outside of the hair.

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