Je Ne Sais Quoi Collection by Yaih Hernández

“A touch of ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ unravels the secret behind the charm of so many women. Those who have inspired me throughout my life. In the cinema, Marlene Dietrich or Eleanor Parker, in music Edith Piaf as well as Barbra Streisand and in fashion, the great Coco Chanel or Diana Vreeland.” Yaiza Hernández

“Je Ne Sais Quoi” shows combination of fine porcelain skin interspersed with haute couture garments and also free-spirited street style. This is how it could be summarised between the lines, the new collection presented by Yaih Hernández, A colour expert from her home-salon located in Tenerife, La Doce Peluquería. For Yaih, the hair honours the woman. It draws endless waves reminiscent of the 1920; a fake Bob with a retro air as well as curly manes marking fringes with a Parisian character. But for her, her world is not just hairdressing, but fashion and fusion between both worlds. 

In her creation space, she loves makeovers, where colour is her point strong. Specialised in colorimetry, her main passion to continue creating and exploring every day to create new forms of expression through hair. Yaih Hernández works with I.C.O.N. Products due to the conceptual philosophy of her betting for sustainability and eco-responsible consumption. 

Je Ne Sais Quoi Collection: Hairdressing: Yaiza Hernández @yaihh79, Photography: Vishal Baharani @vishalbaharani, Styling: Gumidafe Gutiér @gumidafegutier, Make-up: Yely Rodríguez @yelyicon; Hairdressing Assitant: Juanma Santos & Nuria Expósito @juanma76sh @expositogarcianuria, Photography Assistant: Maria Does Color @mariaandthecolorbar; Styling Assistant: Candela González @candeflut, Thanks to I.C.O.N. Canarias & La Doce Peluquería & Orlando Martín @iconcanarias @ladocepeluqueria @orlandoicon 

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