Less Is More

Introducing Cliphair’s 2023 Bridal Campaign, a hymn to the new romantic era with a key concept of ‘less is more’. With free lengths, soft waves, and curated curly looks at the centre of this barn-themed wedding celebration range that highlights the alluring charm of authenticity. Explore how Cliphair can elevate your salon’s bridal hair. 


A look for everyone

Great lengths and volume are not exclusive to a blushing bride, and Cliphair knows that. That’s why they designed a look for everyone, transforming bridesmaids, honeymooners, guests and even the mother of the bride into glowing wedding rock stars. Cliphair’s stylists showcase how hair extensions’ versatility can be used to intensify natural hair with depth, movement, volume, length and colour.

Bold and graceful

For a bride that naturally stands out from the crowd, a deep side parting and curated, soft ringlets, seamlessly blend in a set of Ultra Volume hair extensions that boosts her medium-length tresses. This carefully selected modification of classic Hollywood waves works in harmony with her day-to-day look, adding a touch of class – characterised by strong, dark roots fading in ashy ends. Blunt haircuts benefit from these thick, voluminous hair extensions to achieve glamorous transformations.

Timeless beauty

Pride and joy are not the only touches of beauty on a bride’s mother – hair plays an important role, too. The Classic Full-Head Set is a lightweight solution to add volume, even to the finest of hair. The set can be used to add a different tone of grey to the naturally silver mane, then gently tousled to magnify depth and movement.

Staying true to yourself

A half-up style with an explosion of textured hair and long, bohemian tresses are the stylist picks for this body of loyal bridesmaids, carefully selected to enhance their natural beauty and go hand-in-hand with their authentic style. Seamless hair extensions, belonging to their premium Remy Royale range have been applied to intensify vibrant true-tone colours with increased shine and unmatched thickness, typical of this double-drawn, luxury product; curly hair extensions have been applied and styled to match natural texture. Finally, the popularity of Ultra Volume extensions remains to maintain fullness and bounce in half-up hairstyles.

How Cliphair elevates the salon experience

Confidence is Cliphair’s mission and transforming lives one hairstyle at a time is their method. By stocking Cliphair, you gain access to an incredible roster of over 70 shades and the most inclusive range of true reds, real blondes, sultry brunettes, silky black shades, sun-kissed balayages, highlights and more – all included in a FREE colour ring to exhibit in your salon. Trade customer discounts, inspirational content, and incredible lengths spacing from 12” to 26” are also offered. We work with you every step of the way, driven by the mutual interest in empowering people – starting with their hair.



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