L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2021: 65th Grand Final

The L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2021 – the 65th Grand Final – took place at Battersea Evolution, London on Monday 13th September. It was an overwhelming night of glitz and glamour both virtually and on the main stage.

Guests witnessed the central stage come alive – straight into their living rooms. There was the most breath-taking lighting, enthralling stage effects, chest thumping music as well as mesmerising hairdressing talent; all brought to life by special guest host, TV & Radio presenter Vick Hope. Vick hosted the evening taking the audience for the L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2021 on an exciting hair inspired journey also ending with the announcement of this year’s winner of the coveted trophy. 

The Judges

Lorraine Hume Hairdressing, Randalstown took the judging panel by storm and seized the 2021 UK L’Oréal Colour Trophy Award. This is the industry’s longest running and most renowned hair award. Dorata Hairdressing came in second and Skyler London scooped third place. 

And for Ireland, Wildflower secured the top spot of 2021 Ireland L’Oréal Colour Trophy Award. Zeba Hairdressing SWS picked up second place and Komb Professional Hairdressing scooped third place. 

The highly anticipated Men’s Image Award went to Francesco Group Congleton for the UK; and also to Richard Michaels Hair Design for Ireland. Celebrated runner up in this award was The Secret Garden for the UK and The Academy Barber Cellbridge for Ireland. 

Adam Reed from Adam Reed London and also Siobhan Jones from Blush & Blow presented The L’Oréal Colour Trophy Regional Awards. Both explained the difficulties of the judging process. This was due to the high standard of hair work produced by all the competitors. 

The Regional Award winners for 2021 are: 

Western: Karoliina Saunders Hair Design – Scotland: Charlie Miller – North West: Royston Blythe Shrewsbury – North East: Cutting Room Creative – Northern Ireland: Lorraine Hume Hairdressing – Eastern: Spencer Silver – Southern: Dorata Hairdressing and also London: Skyler London. 

Presented by Abigail Butler, The Afro Look Award revealed an amazing influx of skilled hairdressers with the 2021 title award going to Toni&Guy, Newbury. 

The announcement of The L’Oréal Professional STAR Award judges favourite of aspiring colourists came from Chris Williams from RUSH. The winner for the UK was Destiny Linwood from Bloggs Salons and for Ireland was Shannon Kenny from Wildflower

The first virtual Grand Final show celebrated artistry and skill as well as a mix of virtual and on-stage action. The highly anticipated show was comprised of four salon show teams all of which were truly awe-inspiring. Brooks and Brooks opened the show with ‘Borderless’ to offer an immersive experience as well as journey escaping reality “transporting you to a creative dimension…”. ‘

“I” by Sugar Culture was a sweet touch to the evening from the Dublin-based hair and beauty group: Brown Sugar, Sugar Cubed, Sugar Daddy Barbers and Sugar Coated. Revealing their fourth runway show, the artistic team created an immersive virtual experience also inspired by the messaging of equality and individuality. The concept “I” is centred on the noun’s definition: someone aware of possessing a personal individuality.

Following was “Virtual Transition” by RUSH Hair, a show inspired by the phenomenon of virtual influencers and using a mix of CGI to blur real life with the digital world.

Toni&Guy finished the show with “Vantage”, a breath-taking and beautiful showcase of original, inspirational and also interactive display catapulting audiences into a world where high fashion and ethereal drama collide. 

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