Love is in the Hair with Heartwarming Extra TLC!

We we start the countdown towards Valentine’s Day it feels like romance is all around us. However, there’s no doubt that, as always, the Love is in the Hair! Thomas Hills, Director at TH1 Hair in Oxted looks at some perfect styling options; perfect to offer clients for the big day.

Love is in the Hair: SPACE BUNS

The 90s are always a great sartorial reference and this Valentine’s Day is no exception. The space bun trend is the perfect look for a night out – or in. The beauty of this look is in its simplicity; it’s easy to create for clients going to out on freshly washed locks. It looks even better, on lived-in locks that need a touch of TLC. Part hair centrally and pull back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Begin to wrap the length of the hair around the hairband until a bun forms. Then pin in place with Kirby grips. This high impact style is also very versatile; you can create slick and sleek buns (as pictured in my Wink collection, (above) or create low slung messy buns, That’s this year’s take on the messy top knot, leaving tendrils for some laid-back luxe. This is cool-girl hair at its easiest. Super stylish in a nonchalant way and practical for last minute reservations. Wy? Because there’s no need for a mirror, brush or steady hand! Advise clients to add adornments or scrunchies if they want something extra!


The old-school glamour of the 1930s and 1940s provided the inspo for these super-polished deluxe waves. They come from my winning 2021 Southern Hairdresser of the Year British Hairdressing Awards collection. To recreate this luxe vision of polished retro waves on your clients for Valentine’s Day, prep blow-dried locks with a product designed to smooth and add guts and hold. Next, use a medium-barrelled tong to create tumbling curls. Start from eye-level, pinning the curls and leaving to cool for maximum hold. Once waves are cool and released, use a glossing spray to finish, focusing on the mid-lengths to ends. To make sure the look is modern, keep the waves straight at the top, and break up the very ends of the curls so they lose a little of their pristine-ness. The end result combines contemporary polish with old-fashioned glamour for a look that’s incredibly high-end and perfect for dinner a deux!


Hazy, fluffy and fuzzy in texture, this trend is dominated by exaggerated baby hairs, cool-girl static and mussed-up roots. To master this vibe perfectly, styles should be roughed up and fluffed up with balloons, for extra static energy. I love heavenly hazy hair, think crowns made to look ethereal with a halo of fuzz, as pictured in this image (left) from my About a Girl collection. The key to keeping this trend looking finished rather than messy is to keep the style compact. Play around with textures and finishes between roots, mid-lengths and ends. Switch from dusty roots to glossy lengths, as I did in this image (above), and you’ll nail that thoroughly modern texture clients crave.


There is always a distinct chasm in attitudes towards volume, with some favouring flat roots over height, and others preferring to add volume and structure. For me it’s all about overtly volumised, wind-blown styles for a ‘go big or go home’ appeal. What makes this look so modern and fresh is that rather than creating volume through the crown of the hair, volume should be created to the sides, with the width of the hair emphasised instead of the height. I created this trend as part of my Hell Sexy collection (above), adding maximum volume out to the sides but keeping roots relatively flat and subtle. 


Braids are always a favourite; their ability to make lived-in hair look chic and unique make them both versatile and the perfect time-saving solution for women on the go. What I love about braids is their duality: they create a soft, feminine feel, but can also be a little bit rock and roll too, depending on the look required, which was exactly my vision when I created this look as part of my About a Girl collection, pictured above, which utilised braiding for strength and movement. A sure fire winner this Valentine’s Day.

Hair by Thomas Hills, Director at TH1 Hair

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