Make Summer a Success with the Fresha Five-Step Checklist

When summer arrives, the potential for salon growth soars. With holidays booked and diaries packed, people will be looking to update their styles and get treatments they weren’t able to book or didn’t need during the colder months.

Salon Growth

They’re also more likely to book at all hours, and will appreciate the option to do that on the go. To leverage all this additional business, preparation is key. Explore Fresha’s five-step checklist to help salon growth and make this summer your most successful one yet.

The Fresha Five-Step Checklist

1. Take bookings online

Make sure clients can easily find you and book online, no matter the time of day. Using a platform like Fresha lets clients make their own bookings and then manage those appointments online, 24/7. They can see all your services and add-ons, choose a time that suits them, and then make changes if they need to, all in one place. Clients can even save their card details for a smooth checkout experience. Best of all? You can add a “Book Now” button to your social media accounts and website, linking straight to your online calendar.

2. Launch summer packages via text

Your clients are likely devoting more time to self care in the summer. So, finding ways to get them to spend that time with you is your key to salon growth. Create irresistible summer packages, like a beach-ready highlights and hydrating mask combo, to attract clients and introduce some of your services that might be new to them. Text messages have an extremely high open rate compared to other outreach methods, so you can capitalise on that and promote deals to your clients, on-the-go. Just be sure to do this sparingly so your clients don’t feel like you’re contacting them too often.

3. Offer trending summer styles

From sun-kissed hair colour to creative nail art, summer always brings a new wave of beauty trends. Stay ahead of the curve by following leading online publications and top beauty influencers online and on social media. Then, add the summer trends you think will resonate most with your clients to your service list; summer is the time to get them booking those sought-after looks, and they’ll love getting ahead of the curve with you.

4. Protect your business with deposits

While the warmer weather tends to attract new clients, their busier diaries can also increase the risk of no-shows. Mitigate this by taking deposits based on service value right when clients book. Set up a cancellation policy that works for you and ensure it’s clearly communicated during booking, covering potential revenue loss and gaps in your schedule. This feature has helped Fresha partner salons decrease their no-shows by 89%.

5. Get your staff summer rush-ready

During this busy season, empower your team to manage their time seamlessly with an online booking platform like Fresha. Enable instant notifications to keep your team updated on appointment changes, what they’ve got coming up, and where there are gaps in their schedules. Then, keep track of their performance with reporting tools so you can give your team feedback and reward them for their hard work.

Fresha: your secret weapon for winning this summer!

Fresha gives you all the tools you need to create impactful summer marketing campaigns for both new and existing clients. It also protects your business from no-shows, and helps you manage your appointments and staff with ease through the summer rush. All from one subscription-free platform, built to help salons succeed. 

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