Making Socials Simple

In our exciting new monthly feature with social media guru Brad Williams from SimplyHair, he explains how to stand out on socials in what is a creative industry, this month with a special focus on the wedding season.


How can a stylist incorporate the SimplyHair range into their social media marketing?

Standing out on social media is a big hurdle to overcome and at SimplyHair we’re proud to help with this by offering our range of ‘Insta-worthy’ tools. From marble-style creaseless clips to patterned textured foils, we’ve got just what you need to catch your audience’s eye whilst also matching your brand’s aesthetic. Stopping your followers from scrolling to the next post is so difficult in a saturated industry but capturing your work with our tools will give you a competitive edge.


How does the SimplyHair range suit a variety of creative identities? 

Using our tools whilst maintaining your creative identity is easy, we offer a whole range of tools within specific colour palettes, from glitter finishes to matte, matching your brand is no hard task.


What is your SimplyHair must-have product, and what’s your top tip to capture content with it?

Our curl combs are super aesthetic with their marble-style finish they stand out compared to regular combs. A slow-mo brush through of a fresh curl and colour is the creme-de-la-creme for us when it comes to showcasing your hard work.


Bridal Hair Theory

Bridal season is upon us so it’s time to capitalise on all those bridal trials you’ve got booked in and use this opportunity to gather some amazing content to increase your social media presence.

This wedding season, why not share your expertise behind opting for that face-framing up-do, or that clipped-back Hollywood wave? Showing that you offer a tailored service helps build confidence amongst customers and followers.

Starting captions with “This is why I-” is a great hook to stop your viewers from scrolling and to grab their attention. Other good hooks include “Here’s why I’ll never do X again…” or “My favourite way to X is”.


Creating the perfect bridal content

Step 1: Snap a photo and video clip before the transformation, play around with backgrounds and lighting and end your videos with a transition – his will help merging your after shot.

Step 2: Now it’s time to grab that after shot. Open your video the same way you closed your before, if you swipe left to end the before shot, swipe left to start your after shot.

Step 3: Protect the goods! Store that content somewhere safe, back it up and guard it with your life.

Step 4: On the big day, don’t forget to get a few clips of your stunning bride. Everyone loves a grand reveal!

Not only have you created a lovely memory for your bride, but you’ve also created content you can use to promote your services for the current and future wedding seasons.




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