Male Attitude – 12 Top Looks

Male grooming is an ever-evolving craft with its own unique dynamism. It’s also a huge global business, especially since men have become so much more experimental about the way they look. And men’s hair is trending hard, wherever you’re from!


Relaxed Structure

Male Attitude

“With male grooming now bigger than ever, we wanted to create an image which reflected the trends of the current day, which show the progression of the market and the styles that are both popular and relatable to clients of all ages. The first image is inspired by individuality, the chance to embrace the flexibility of the hair, working with a much more relaxed feel and allowing the individual to embrace their own creativity and freedom. Movement was the inspiration for this look. The second look was inspired by the strength of a classic square shape – a much more structured and uniform look, using an architectural like shape to structure the hair and keep it in check at all times.” Andrew Heasman, International Creative Director, RUSH Hair (UK)

Hair:  RUSH Artistic Team MUA: Lan Nguyen-Grealis Clothes Stylist: Robert Morrison Photographer: Jack Eames


Gender Fluidity

Male Attitude

“This image challenges the boundaries around men’s hair and colour. I love that this look demonstrates a style and colour placement that is totally wearable for men. I also enjoy the endogenous feel to this image. It taps into the movement around owning our identity, self expression and gender fluidity. I think the moody green hue here is perfect, not only to suit the model’s fair skin tone, but to create mystery around the face while also adding interest to the stylised haircut.” Teri Lowe, Creative Director at The Hair Surgery (UK)

Hair: Teri Lowe Styling: Rasa Balcuiniate MUA: Stacey Ellen Simpson Photography: James Nicklin


Soft Texture

Male Attitude

“Current trends are inspired by classics such as crops and mullets which are still going strong in 2022. Crew cuts are also popular as some men prefer more practical cuts to wash more frequently. Personally, I love all the possibilities and it has been nice putting some work into changing styles and working with a lot of hair.” Sindi Devitte, Andis Global Educator (USA)

Hair: Sindi Devitte, Andis Global Educator Photography: Cunha Photography


Tight Fade

“The polished elegance of a tight fade will never be off trend. For a fashion forward feel, create a tight fade at an angle just above the ear, add a hard part and keep the edges clean. Refine further by grooming eyebrows and any facial hair to complement the face shape and celebrate the wearers personal style.” Becka Bradshaw at Sam VIlla (USA)

Hair: Becka Bradshaw at Sam Villa Creative Director: Teresa Romero Photographer: Nico Norsdström Makeup: Leticia Tapia and Delia Deleon Wardrobe: Michi Lafary Model: Brandon Gonzales


Old School Quiff

Male Attitude

“Shifting textures and layers, a high and tight undercut, and styling product that enhance the natural texture of hair come together to create this urban version of an old-school quiff. Today men’s looks need to be versatile, easy to style into different looks and a means to express their personal vibe. Depending on the styling products used, this look can easily transform from vintage to modern.” Teresa Romero at Sam Villa (USA)

Hair: Teresa Romero Creative Director: Sam Villa Hair Assistant: Sarah Adeleye Makeup: Teresa Romero and Sarah Adeleye Photographer: Dani Bauer Tools: Sam Villa


Male Attitude with Big Bangs

Male Attitude

“Throwback to grunge. For a woman this side-parted chin-length bob would be somewhat of a classic. But this androgynous look with the right attitude can work great for younger men as well.” Mike Taylor (USA)

Hair: Denman Ambassador Mike Taylor Photography:  Liam Oakes @liamoakesphoto. Tools: Denman


Red Mullet

“A fire engine red makes the perfect fashion statement for what is already a disconnected and textured mulllet. Denman tools are great for getting those crisp lines over the ears and shaping the side-swept bangs close to the head.” Mike Taylor (USA)

Hair: Denman Ambassador Mike Taylor Photography:  Liam Oakes Tools: Denman


Enhanced Disruption

Male Attitude

“I wanted this haircut to almost have a do-it-yourself feel like it had been cut with a ‘knife and fork’ to enhance and disrupt the texture of the haircut. The inspiration was taken from the punk era to create this anti-establishment raw neo punk feel, a look that could be rejected from the mainstream. I love this image as it injects a sense of reality with unedited purity to create this strong statement.” Christian Wiles (UK)

Hair: Matrix Artist Ambassador Christian Wiles from Wiles Studios, Northampton


Male Attitude Goes Ultra Blonde

“To create this image I worked with Jerome Russell. I always keep my looks extremely wearable but also contemporary and stylish.  Not only is this look super on trend, but it also stays true to my signature style – precision cutting and creating clean, precise hair looks. I used Jerome Russell bblonde bleach to bleach up the hair to this clean, white blonde. For cutting I did clipper over comb to create a wait line and then point cut the top to create texture throughout the bleached hair. For styling I used Label M Matte Paste and Volume Foam to create edgy texture and volume I the hair with a matt finish.” Jim Shaw, Director of TONI&GUY Billericay (UK)

Male Attitude

Hair: Jim Shaw for Jerome Russell


Glowingly Unique

“Jing debuts an eye-catching and bright orange colour, which complements his effortless hairstyle. His flexible look is perfect for someone who prefers a low maintenance yet put-together appearance. Using Goldwell LightDimensions and Goldwell Topchic to achieve a glowing orange, Alex also maintains Jing’s length with disconnected layers and hair texturising – a hairdo that only the likes of K-pop idols would be able to pull off! To maintain this look, Alex recommends using styling products from the Goldwell StyleSign range such as Creative Texture RoughMan and Texturizer Texturising Mineral Spray.” Alex Neo (Singapore)

Hair: Alex Neo, Director of The Lawn Hairdressing, Singapore Products: Goldwell


Male Attitude with Fashion Blending

“A balance between smoothness and angularity with a beautiful blending texture below the horse section creates a flawless modern look. With mysterious blue and purple tones embracing hair, the above elements emphasise men’s character, especially under the sunlight. Finally, leaving a heavyweight feature line on the top section generates a ‘Yuppie’ look and transfers the men’s look into a sophisticated fashion style.” Eros Eason Chen (Taiwan)

Hair: Eros Eason Chen, Taiwan Model: Samuel


Jagger Homage

Male Attitude

“I set out to create a look that would reflect my model’s personality – Milo is in the music industry /model, rock ’n’ roll edge that I wanted to magnify. His hair was originally just past his shoulders and all one length – I wanted to create something more lived-in and touchable, an homage to Mick Jagger without being a direct copy. I cut the hair with a razor, shaping an oval perimeter and shattering the hair to create layers and texture that are so versatile to style. The finished look has 1970s influences but with a contemporary twist that makes it surprisingly wearable.” Darren Ambrose (UK)

Energy Collection by D&J Ambrose Hair: Darren Ambrose Colour: D&J Artistic Team Makeup: John Christopher @jcmua Styling: Jackie Ambrose @jackie.ambrose1 Photography: Chris Bulezuik @chrisbulezuikphotography

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