Marea Collection vol. 2

Marea Collection vol. 2

The Marea Collection is an ode to freedom. The desire to start over again in style. A perfect, wonderful collection from Italy.

The journey into the Marea collection continues with its second chapter, as Positano leaves the winter colours of the deep sea and makes room for ever lighter hues. A frenzy of colours, a hymn to beauty in all its forms: the pink of the flowers, the blue of the Mediterranean, the red of the majolica. Even the hair is inspired by the vibrant and brilliant tones of the Amalfi Coast, choosing summer tones like grapefruit pink, mango pink and mint green.

Marea is characterised by the beauties of different ethnicities and speaks of change, rebirth and innovation.

Hairstyling: Sens.ùs

Creative Team 2020/2021: Judas Rizzo, Silvia Peluchetti, Amedea Terenziani, Roberto Baracchini, Massimiliano Cardini, Peppe Crisafulli, Enrico Franci, Stefano Gagnoli, Gianluca Gulino, Gianni Inturri, Franco Nicolodi, Milo Pepeinc, Davide Pettere M.

Art Direction: Sara Vaccarecci

Photos: Mauro Mancioppi

Editing: Zerodue StudioGraphic

Design: Andrea Guerrieri

Concept Art & Video: Gian Enrico Barbagli, Sara Vaccarecci, Pixmotion

Make-up: Vania Cesarato

Styling: Veronica Spadaro

Social Media: Matteo Giovagnini

Product Management: Vittorio Checcacci