Mastering Razor Mechanics: with ECRU New York

Mastering Razor Mechanics can make a big difference in getting the effect you want in those fashion-forward cuts. Learn more with ECRU New York virtual classes.

ECRU New York is committed to developing best in class education that brings your artistry to the next level. And in this forthcoming opportunity salon professionals will be able to hone their Razor Mechanics skills on September 18 with Amanda Jenkins.

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This mini-course in mastering razor mechanics is just another example of how ECRU New York is redefining and evolving both their In-person and Virtual education programs to better meet your professional needs. Intensive 3-hour & 4-hour courses will guide you through the methodology and techniques of creating shapes and how to use the products that will bring them to life.

Moreover, participants will receive a curated selection of products that they can use during the workshop!

Mastering razor mechanics for maximum texture

In this lesson, participants will learn how to create soft, structured razor cuts with maximum texture. During these three hours with Amanda, she will inspire you while showing you how to enhance your razor-cutting techniques.

The focus will be on recreating this beautifully structured style with maximum texture for your fashion-forward clientele. This type of style is also suitable for use on multiple hair types and is highly versatile. Clients can wear this style both casually, on the job, or even on special occasions, for a cutting-edge fashion-forward look.

All classes are extremely efficient and highly focused, to optimize your time. In this way you can bring this new techniques behind the chair the very same day!

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