Matrix unveils New Professional Launches

Matrix announces their new professional launches, ProSolutionist Backbar Heroes: InstaCure, Alt Action Clarifying Shampoo and No Stain for pro’s to solve porosity issues, build-up and staining woes.

Additionally, Matrix is welcoming SoColor and SoColor Sync Pre-Bonded Extra Coverage with fiber protections and 100% gray coverage. Formulas are now pre-bonded with an exclusive bond-protecting concentrate to protect the hairs’ inner structure, color after color and is pre-blended with brown / beige background.


Matrix has always had hairdressers’ backs with the most effective, easy-to-use formulas for professional services. Today, the Matrix support system for stylists is more powerful than ever, thanks to the new and improved ProSolutionist Collection. These three “for-pros-only” products help every stylist be their clients’ heroes:

  • Instacure: Every hair expert knows that porosity is the greatest enemy of hair color and permanent hair texturizing services. Overly-porous hair can cause color to fade too quickly, curls to droop too soon, color to disperse unevenly and hair to frizz and break. Porosity occurs when the cuticles on the surface of the hair strand are damaged or raised, which weakens the hair fiber. Instacure is a professional spray that rushes to the damaged areas of each hair, smoothing the cuticles and equalizing the overly-porous state of the strands. Instacure is applied during a perm or color service and can also be used as a leave-in treatment before styling to reduce frizz and static.
  • Alt Action Clarifying Shampoo: This deep cleansing gel formula clarifies the hair, removing grime and build-upfrom products and dirt, without stripping the hair’s natural oils or irritating the scalp. Stylists rely on Alt Action to prep the hair for color correction, relaxer and texturizing services. It’s also ideal to use for correcting muddy toners, flaky scalps and color DIY mishaps.
  • No Stain: Swiftly and gently removes hair color from the skin, eliminating all traces of accidental dyes that can occur when applying color. No Stain whisks away natural and fashion shades without irritating the skin. It can be used on the scalp, ears and hairline.

Each of these highly concentrated formulas were developed to address the most common needs during color and chemical services.


Matrix’s new innovative SoColor and SoColor Sync Extra Coverage formulas are now pre-bonded with an exclusive bond-protecting concentrate to protect the hairs’ inner structure, color after color. These permanent and demi-permanent oxidative dyes are perfectly matched so professionals can achieve seamless, root-to-tip color, that lasts and fades on tone with extra coverage that covers up to 100% gray coverage, pre-blended with brown / beige background.

Key Benefits:

  • Exclusive bond-protecting concentrate is composed of a unique blend of taurine and cationic polymers that act as an internal bond-support system during the coloring process
  • Up to five levels of lift in 45 minutes for extra coverage

For after care, use appropriate Matrix Total Results Collections (So Silver, Brass Off, Keep Me Vivid, Dark Envy, Unbreak My Blonde) to maintain color vibrancy undertones and hair health.

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