Men’s Hair Trends: Individuality and Ease

The year 2021 has been and inspiration one for men’s trends in hair styles, and promises to continue well into 2022 winter season. Men are choosing to define themselves and their hair with personality-curated styles that can be dressed up or down on a whim. And Eufora HERO for Men™ styling products are just what you need to get just the right unique look.

Take your cue from three celebs

For example, one big difference we are seeing is that men’s super tight fades are transforming into controlled tapers that grow out easily. In other words, without that evil bristly phase. Bradley Cooper is the perfect example of a fashion-savvy guy with an understated and on trend fade. A blend of Eufora HERO for Men™ (HERO) Grooming Cream and Molding Paste help create that naturally effortless style without the heavy-weight finish of the past.

Now that the man bun seems to be a thing of the past, those disconnected shaved sides are morphing into a cleaner silhouette. The fave option seems to be balancing layers with a distinct connection between the top and bottom. So a light application of HERO Power Pomade is the perfect styler for guys like Ryan Renolds. Ryan’s signature look is a combination of stylish masculinity and a casual sense of humor. Power Pomade is powerful enough to hold his style with high shine, yet pliable enough to prevent that crunchy 90’s vibe.

Instead, Jake Gyllenhaal boasts an innate talent for changing up his hair look as quickly as he changes his clothes. For guys like this, relaxed edges provide a flexible styling options. The top can easily be swept forward into a modern “Caesar”-inspired look using HERO Firm Hold Gel. For a more precise “Top Gun” vibe, apply a light layering of HERO Classic Pomade.

Finally, the best looking men’s hair trends require peak hair and scalp health. So obviously Eufora HERO products are all formulated with this in mind. The proprietary ProAmino Peptide Complex™ in all HERO styling products works synergistically both above and below the scalp surface. This complex can reduce follicle atrophy and anchor the hair bulb to the scalp. In other words, it can reduce hair loss, a common concern of all men. The balanced pH in all HERO products ensures skin-friendly treatment with powerful results. More importantly, all products are petrolatum- and mineral oil-free, which means no greasy residue or clogged follicles.

And there is more good news! The annual HERO Holiday Gift Set with complimentary dopp bag is now available at Eufora HERO for Men saving gift givers, and recipients, over 20%!

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