Mewies & Co – The Importance of Continued Education in Hair Salons

By providing regular one-to-one education slots with salon co-owner Jemma Mewies, facilitating career goal setting, and creating tailored education plans for each team member, Mewies & Co is setting a standard in the pursuit of excellence in the hairdressing profession.

Investing in the ongoing education

As co-owner of Mewies & Co, Jemma firmly believes that investing in the ongoing education of salon stylists is not just an option but a necessity for the future of any successful salon. “Keeping your stylists educated helps inspire them and elevates their skills, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction,” she emphasized. This commitment to education has positioned the salon as a trailblazer in the industry, making them a preferred choice for clients seeking innovative and up-to-date hair services in the Leicestershire area.

In the fast-paced world of hairdressing, trends are constantly evolving, influenced by social media platforms like TikTok. Remaining current and staying ahead of the game is crucial to deliver exceptional service to clients. Mewies & Co. recognises this and ensures that their team gets all the cutting-edge solutions for their clientele.

By offering ongoing education opportunities, Mewies & Co. not only enhances their stylists’ knowledge of the fundamentals of hairdressing but also equips them with invaluable skills in client management. “Knowing how to schedule your clients for new services, giving them the knowledge, and time they expect and deserve, is integral to building lasting relationships with clients,” continued Jemma. This approach results in greater client satisfaction, which in turn creates loyal relationships as well as contributing to the salon’s sustained success.

Team passion and dedication

Mewies & Co’s commitment to education is deeply ingrained in their culture and reflects in their team’s passion and dedication. With regular one-to-one education slots, Jemma Mewies imparts her expertise, ensuring that each team member gets personalised guidance to nurture their talents and overcome challenges. Additionally, career goal setting empowers stylists to map their professional journey. This provides a sense of purpose and direction to their work.

Zoe Nixon, Junior Stylist at Mewies & Co. adds: “The education that Jemma and the team at Mewies & Co offer me helps me to constantly improve my skills in colouring and cutting. It gives me the confidence to create amazing looks for my clients. I love making people feel great through transformations. It’s amazing to have the support from Jemma to always ensure I am also offering my clients the best services. The industry is always evolving, offering new techniques to explore. Therefore, it’s important to keep our knowledge and skills up to date.”

The success of Mewies & Co. is a testament to the rewards of investing in continuous education within the hairdressing industry. By prioritising their team’s growth and development, the salon has established itself as a trendsetter. In doing so, it has earned the loyalty of a diverse clientele.

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