Mist Collection by Alfredo Valero

“Like all my collections, ‘Mist’ maintains a nostalgic and dystopian mood,” says Spanish hairstylist Alfredo Valero.

Alfredo Valero was inspired by punk and British fashion in the 70s, which was eclectic, unisex and unique, and continues to influence fashion in a cyclical way. New generations are born into a digital world flooded with personalised, device-controlled advertising, which has led to a growing personal and widespread dissatisfaction with not being able to fulfil desires immediately.

This lack of clarity of thought causes a fog or haze in society, which directs us seemingly aimlessly but in reality, is being calculated by algorithms and artificial intelligence. “In my opinion, the future is neither utopian nor dystopian, as technology provides us with so much information and possibilities that it helps us to deepen the individualisation or protopia of the subject,” says Alfredo.

This collection has been edited entirely through artificial intelligence processes, fusing models, hair and styling to achieve stunning images.

Hair & Styling: Alfredo Valero for Blades Hair Studio
Photography: David Arnal
Makeup: Blades Hair Studio Team

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