Money Piece: The Hair Colour Trend of the Moment

Money Piece: The Hair Colour Trend of the Moment

Totally on-trend but with it’s roots in the 90s, this trend has come back into fashion thanks to stars like Dua Lipa and Beyoncé. Its name: #moneypiecehair.

Why would a colour technique have a name that refers to money? This trend has little to do with the copper colour or the gold tone of a coin. The Money Piece hair colouring technique is so named because it is very noticeable and attracts attention with dazzling blonde elements on a darker base –  the idea of wealth denoted as an expression of a sophisticated lifestyle. In addition, the work involved for the hairdresser is less than, let’s say, for a balayage. In principle, only the two front sections that frame the face are lightened. Less work means a lower price too for clients too!

With medium to long hair, the Money Piece comes into its own. It’s easier to create on straight or wavy hair than on curly hair. The Money Piece hair trend definitely looks great with waves. Beyoncé, one of the stars who contributed to the fame of this technique, is a big fan, as is Kylie Jenner. The American star opted for two eye-catching face-framing sections along her face.

 By the 1990s, Money Piece hair had become the in look thanks to the Spice Girls and was hugely popular in R&B music circles. As is so often the case with the revival of a trend, three decades later this trend is absolutely in again and has  nothing to do with the old image. Now, in 2021 – after years of balayage and shatush – the Money Piece hair colour trend is getting more nuanced. What remains is the effect: it frames the face in a natural way, makes the wearer look like a beach babe and changes the shape of the head simply by lightening the front section.  Of course, the rest of the hair can also be contoured with a balayage.

We look forward to seeing lots more great #moneypiecehair creations! See below for some ideas…