National Winners from Asia at the Global Creative Awards 2023

The Kao Salon Asia Experience 2023 took place in Taipei and brought together over 1,500 industry leaders, professionals and enthusiasts from across the region. As well as shows, a look & learn seminar and a business forum, the event also saw the Global Creative Awards 2023 presentations to the National Winners from Asia.

The occasion showcased the incredible hair artistry and creativity of the brightest and most innovative minds across Asia. It also glorified how individuality and uniqueness can be expressed through hair. It also served as a testament to the power of creativity and innovation in the industry, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in hair artistry. Here are the names of the Gold, Silver and Bronze National Winners from Asia in the Technical and Editorial categories for 2023:

National Winners of Technical Categories:

Creative Colorist of the Year

GOLD: Alo Lo from Hong Kong

SILVER: Dicky Cheung from Hong Kong

BRONZE: Tim Chan from Hong Kong

GOLD: Alan Tan from Singapore

SILVER: Finn Tan from Singapore

BRONZE: Nicole Lee from Singapore

GOLD: Ann Hsu from Taiwan

SILVER: Inga Lin from Taiwan

BRONZE: Hardy Tsai from Taiwan

GOLD: Minh Phuong Lai from Vietnam

SILVER: Kim Nguyen Nguyen from Vietnam

BRONZE: The Chuong Tran from Vietnam

New Talent Colorist of the Year

GOLD: Frank Wong from Hong Kong

SILVER: Cheuk Yee Tse from Hong Kong

BRONZE: Venneth Mau from Hong Kong

GOLD: Winnie Wong from Singapore

SILVER: Shud Huei Chiew from Singapore

BRONZE: Debbie Lee from Singapore

GOLD: Teacher Wang from Taiwan

SILVER: Tania Liu from Taiwan

GOLD: Dang Hung Ngo from Vietnam

SILVER: Thi Van Nguyen from Vietnam

BRONZE: Tien Binh Dang from Vietnam

Creative Haircutter of the Year

GOLD: SK Fung from Hong Kong

TOP 6 Finalists of Editorial Categories:

Avant Garde Stylist of the Year

Tom Yek Teng Siong from Malaysia

Jun Cing Phan from Malaysia

Hardy Tsai from Taiwan

Men’s Hairstylist of the Year:

Thiam Kui Siew from Malaysia

The Global Creative Award 2023 Competition, to be held in Chicago this September, will unveil the Global Winners of Gold, Silver, and Bronze for both Technical Categories (via live competition) and the Editorial Categories (via photo competition).

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