Nicolas Hiéronimus Succeeds Jean-Paul Agon at L’Oréal

Nicolas Hiéronimus Succeeds Jean-Paul Agon at L'Oréal

The news was announced late last week that Nicolas Hieronimus, currently Deputy CEO of L’Oréal Group, will officially take over from Jean-Paul Agon in May 2021.

Nicolas Hiéronimus will take over full operational management from next May, after 3 years spent as Deputy CEO, overseeing all divisions of the group.  It is quite natural that the transfer of responsibility should take place between the two top managers in this way; a change of direction in continuity already happened between 2006 and 2011, when Jean Paul Agan took over from Lindsay Owen-Jones.

This succession was approved on Wednesday 14 October by the Board of Directors, which followed the recommendations of the Nomination and Governance Committee. However, Jean-Paul Agon will retain his office as President, having spent 15 years working for the French cosmetics giant.

(Photo: ©Jacques Demarthon, AFP)