No Place Like Home: Globetrotter Comes Home

After travelling the world and living away from Durham for almost 15 years, Suzanne Keele has certainly learned that there’s no place like home, as she is set to return to the place she learned her trade and fell in love with hairdressing 23 years ago at Janet Maitland Hair Excellence.

Suzanne spent more than 15 years travelling around places such as Australia, Jersey and most recently Dubai; using her skills as she explored the world. “I went off with Janet and Peter’s blessing. They gave me the offer that if, and when, I ever returned home, their door was open,” commented Suzanne. “It was a great feeling to leave knowing I could return home and to this salon team that I love. Janet was my biggest supporter, and always welcomed me back with open arms. She didn’t just give me a job, she gave me a career that I love and could travel anywhere with. Janet was always pushing me to achieve my best, she was an incredible role model and inspiring businesswoman. I am so pleased to come back and reconnect with the team and loyal clients; as well as embracing the ideal that there really is no place like home!”

Managing Director, Peter McDermott adds: “We have always let our stylists know that there will always be a place for them at Janet Maitland, it’s great to see Suzanne return and join the team again. I know that many of her old clients are looking forward to seeing her back in the salon.”

Hairdressing opens up many opportunities and Janet Maitland Hair Excellence has always ensured that team members are able to creative and explore those. By creating an environment that feels like home and a team like family, the team are able to explore broader opportunities but also return when the time feels right for them.

Suzanne Keele will be back at Janet Maitland Hair Excellence from 3rd November 2021.⁠

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