Ode to the 50s

Ode to the 50s

Through this completely unique new collection, Christophe-Nicolas Biot invites us to relive the world of beauty fashion houses of  the 1950s and 1960s.

A throwback in the serene and sophisticated world of the 50s,  where woman dressed to the nines, conveying the image of French chic.  This collection is synonymous of a film ‘à la Fellini’, both burlesque and symbolic, highlighting the image of a woman attentive to every detail. It marks a desire to perpetuate the quote of Yves Saint Laurent:  “Fashions may change, style is eternal”.


Art Direction, Christophe Nicolas Biot & Federica Trotta Mureau

Photos: Danilo Falà

Styling: Maria Elena Meloni

Make-up: Vichika Yorn

Make-up Assistant: Ruby Mazuel

Hair Assistants: Romain Durant, Vincent Shum, Alick Cloudius

Production: Mia Production