Organic Keratin with 100% Natural Ingredients

Every MY.ORGANICS cosmetic product contains high concentrations of pure essential oils, extracted from plants and flowers using traditional, age-old harvesting techniques to obtain a product made from ingredients that are also 100% natural. The Organic Keratin range is no different.

The MY.ORGANICS keratin line infuses naturally sourced Keratin with amino acids, argan and avocado and rose and vanilla for beautifully smooth, healthy results. If used together the Organic Keratin line will also deeply nourish the scalp, speeding up the hair’s restoration.

  • Free of Sulphates
  • Free of SLES
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Eco-Friendly

MY.ORGANICS strongly believes in sustainability and respect for nature, as well as in innovation. All the shampoo and conditioner bottles, including those from the Organic Keratin line are also certified 93% GREEN™ PE, they are produced using Brazilian sugar cane. Each ton of Green Polyethylene produced captures and sequesters 3.09* tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. The Green Polyethylene packaging, made from Brazilian sugar can is also 100% recyclable.

Products in the MY.ORGANICS Keratin Line Include:

  • argan

Argan oil is extracted from the nut roasted kernels of the plant, so it keeps its beneficial properties. It helps to invigorate, revitalize, moisturize and brighten every type of hair. It also creates a barrier around the hair, preventing hair loss and promoting growth.

  • avocado

Avocado oil is superb in cosmetics for its nourishing and also for its regenerating properties. It is particularly effective on dry, brittle and fragile hair. Applied to the skin, scalp and hair it helps to get rid of itching and dandruff problems.

  • chamomile

Chamomile has nutritional properties on the scalp and hair. Its emollient properties also help to recover the beauty of fragile hair.

  • wheat proteins

Wheat proteins are particularly suitable for brittle and dry hair. They build a protective and filling barrier that nourishes and restructures damaged hair and prevents split ends.

  • silk extracts

Silk proteins build a protective film around the hair to help increase the resistance to breakage. Hair becomes shinier, voluminous and also easier to manage.

* LCA Study conducted by ACV Brazil Discover the MY.ORGANICS Organic Keratin range offering frizz-free, healthy hair without the nasties.

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