Oribe Hair Care’s 2020 Holiday Collection

Oribe Hair Care’s 2020 Holiday Collection

Oribe’s tradition of craftsmanship and artistry is interwoven into the fabric of the brand, utilising the creativity of inspirational artists and unique voices in the creation of its holiday collections (SEE GALLERY BELOW).

For the 2020 holiday season, Oribe Hair Care collaborated with Native American Visual Artist Rowan Harrison of Two Tribes Pottery to develop six limited-edition holiday sets. Rowan created three original works of art for Oribe’s holiday packaging using traditional Southwestern indigenous motifs that draw upon the ancient beauty of the natural world. Each design was intricately hand-drawn, combining elements of Rowan’s Pueblo of Isleta and Navajo heritage and culture to represent the land, natural beauty and spiritual elements of the American Southwest. 

“Oribe’s design philosophy was founded on the principle of excellence and craftsmanship, where modern creativity and traditional knowledge intersect,” said Jennifer Smith, Vice President of Packaging for Oribe Hair Care. “Through our partnership with Rowan, we were able to create something beautiful and unique that explores our connection to the world via the use of traditional Native American iconography seen through Rowan’s modern perspective.” 

“Artwork is integral to understanding Native American culture,” added Rowan Harrison. “Oribe encouraged the idea of education through artistry and allowed me to interpret the brand’s aesthetic through motifs and techniques that honor the craftsmanship and skills of the Indigenous people of North America.” 

The 2020 Oribe Holiday Collection will be available through the LINK below beginning September 14th and at Oribe salons and retailers nationwide beginning September 21st. 

For more information about the holiday collections and the world of Oribe Hair Care please CLICK HERE