Original Collection by Encarna Moreno

The Original Collection reflects that brides of today have had to adapt to the context we live in; with more intimate and informal ceremonies. However, that has not diminished the importance of weddings and, of course, brides.

The Original Collection by Encarna Moreno explores the naturalness of boho brides who do not forget details that remind them that they are living a great day. The hair is like a jewel with elaborate braids, waves and precious accessories, though the result seeks simplicity.

The Original Collection welcomes the latest trends and recreates them thinking of current and non-traditional brides. Ponytails with waves or combined with braids are two of the looks. These are most popular this year for bohemian brides, with a fresh but impeccable finish.

As for bridal accessories, tiaras, pearls, brooches and hairpins are simple, but original ornaments that further enhance the bride.

For loose hair, waves continue to add glamour, accompanied by a pearl headband for an elegant touch. A look that can be easily transformed for a guest if we comb it to the side. For guests looking for something more casual and carefree, surf waves are perfect.

As for colour, it is one of the most important elements when creating a bridal look. It is necessary to personalise it with the style of the bride and the chosen hairstyle.

For the Original Collection choose warm colours such as caramel, gold and beige that add warmth to the face.

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