Orôra Hair Collection by Eric Maurice

Gold is most definitely the new black in the stunningly evocative Orôra Hair Collection by Eric Maurice. And colour knows no boundaries either. It creates the perfect juxtaposition by sitting like precious jewels on a backdrops of sumptuous precious metals.

ORÔRA HAIR COLLECTION by Eric Maurice Artistic Directors : Eric Maurice, Ambre Thomas & Pascal Latil Art director for Mydentity : Guy Tang France & Benelux @bleulibelluleofficiel in collaboration with Jacques Seban & Bleu Libellule Pictures & Scenography : Latil Pascal Make up : Ambre Thomas Styling : Ambre Thomas Hair Team Eric : Amandine Zachary, Elisa Belmonte Communication & Artistic Design : ELP Hair Production Hair Colour : #mydentity Hair Care : K18 Hair France

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