Outside Space – Maximising Your Salon Assets

A heatwave seems to have well and truly hit the UK! As sun worshippers and holidaymakers head to the beaches or a nearby outdoor space, hairdressers and clients are left battling it out in the salon!

Outside Space

In a country that only has a few months of nice weather, it can seem a waste of time and money to makeover any outside space you have. However, according to salon owner Robert Kirby, outside space is more than just a sun trap. “Having an outside area where clients can sit and have a drink, make a phone call or just chill is ideal all year round. It’s an extension of the salon and is great for stylists to go out for a bit of fresh air when it’s busy or they need a five-minute escape!”

So if you have an area – big or small – here’s Robert Kirby’s tips for maximising the space.

1 Any space that is big enough for a table and chair, or a bench, is perfect for creating an outside area. Use it as an extension of your waiting area, or clients who want some fresh air.

2 Utilise Mother Nature – use wooden decking or bamboo screens to create the area and be as sustainable as possible.

3 Use foilage and plants to create a haven of tranquillity and relaxation. Avoid scented flowers as they can be overpowering in a small area. And you don’t to trigger someone’s hayfever!

4 If it’s a sun trap, make sure there is some cover as not all clients want to sit in the sun. A standalone parasol or sail also gives the area a holiday feel.

5 Create a relaxing but welcoming area with ornaments and personal items that create a talking point with clients.

6 Serve drinks that are cooling and refreshing during the hot weather – you could even name them after the plants in the garden.

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