Petal Charms Bridal Collection by Anne Veck

Anne Veck is very happy to share this delightful bridal mini-collection called Petal Charms. The shoot features jewellery accessories by her talented daughter, Chloe.

I designed “petal charms” because I wanted to create something for the slightly more rock n roll, alternative bride, who still wanted those elegant traditional vibes,” explains Anne Veck‘s daughter, Chloe. “Here, I offer a choice of something different, including the dried flower hair clips we always see and use. I made metal flowers using my silversmithing techniques, combining pearls and beading, for unique, original and eye catching pieces.”

Hair: Anne Veck for Anne Veck Education Photographer: Joel O’Neil MUA: Scarlette Cedano Stylist/Jewellery Designer: Chloe Mellen for Dirty French Girl Bijoux

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