Portrait Collection by Jesús Vázquez

The Portrait Collection by Jesús Vázquez is inspired by early vintage photographs. Romantic up-turned moustaches are reminiscent of the early 20th century. Other images remind us of movie stars from the classic age of Hollywood, like Clark Gable.

Portrait Collection

The Portrait Collection by Jesús Vázquez combines these touches from past generations with very modern, contemporary styes, such as the mullet. Meanwhile, touches of colour give light to the whole ensemble. Timeless cuts, fringes, extended lengths and curls merge in a very refined way, without contradictions.

We have combined the past and present together in a single concept,” explains Jesús Vázquez. “It remains, however, modern and at the same time very commercial. It can fit in well with the daily demands that our clients may have. Our vision of fashion is to look back to create impactful proposals. It is not going back, it is a glance into the future. Accept what we have left behind to understand what lies ahead.

Hair & Make-up: Jesús Vázquez and Marga Pombo Styling: V.M. Pan Photos: Paula Amati Retouching: Javier Villalabeitia Communications: Oscar Martínez

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