PROJECT: X Learns of All Things Avant-Garde

Avant Garde was the dish of the day when PROJECT: X spent the day with the amazing Efi Davies and Elle Page from TONI&GUY.

Efi Davies is one of the most renowned avant garde stylists of her generation, having won numerous awards for her creativity. As an international artistic director at TONI&GUY she spends her time on shows, seminars and high-fashion shoots. Elle Page is a Style Director and Educator and is a regular at seminars and with students. The perfect pairing for Project: X to learn about Avant-Garde hair!

The pair demonstrated the concepts behind some of Efi’s well-known images, where she gets her inspiration and the work involved in creating a stunning avant-garde collection. She showed the team members some of her tricks and secrets to creating unusual textures and shapes – before they had the opportunity to try it out for themselves! 

What They Had to Say

Member Kay Binnersley said: “When you look at great artwork it can move your soul. This was great artwork with hair; it did not move my soul, it blew it wide open!” 

April Mash added: “I have never felt so much excitement to experience and learn about avant-garde hair; especially learning from such inspirational icons. I was actually lost for words when I walked into the room that was beautifully set up with collection photographs, clothes and hair pieces. I felt extremely lucky to get the chance to then create some practical work and learn some of the best techniques as an insight to avant garde hair as I have never done anything like it. Efi was so interactive, helpful, inspiring and full of amazing energy to give us the dream day we were so excited about. It was a day I will never forget and I feel so lucky!” 

Emma Simmons commented: “I was so excited when I walked into the room, Efi had really made the effort to share all her knowledge and experience with us, it was amazing to see her work up close in person. I took so much from the day, prepping, letting your imagination run and so many creative ideas. Efi is so passionate and captivated the whole room.” 

PROJECT: X Team Leader: Sam Burnett  Team Members: Kay Binnersley – Kay Binnersley Hair,  Roisin Murphy – K H Hair, Lea Shaw – Rural Fringe Hair Salon, Cc McNamee – Andrew Smith Salons Fareham, Pamela Cooney – TONI&GUY, Cannon Street, April Mash – Strangeways, Emma Simmons – Salon 54, Nicola Hamm – Escape Hair Lounge , Arif Arikan – Alice and the Hair, Reina Boddy – Joseph Ferraro Hair. 

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