Protecting You – Protecting Your Tools

Protecting You – Protecting Your Tools

Covid-19 has led to a huge increased use of sanitisers and sterilisers to clean brushes, combs and other tools. Few hair professionals realise however that many of these cleaning products are ruining their precious kit.

Alcohol and ethanol based sprays and wipes will over time cause plastic brushes and combs as well as hairdryer and styler casings to split and crack. While the radiation in ultraviolet wands and cabinets causes discolouration, premature ageing and eventually breakage, all of which results in the need to replace expensive tools sooner than necessary.

To ensure your tools are safe and stay in top condition, the team at Denman has developed their very own Anti-Bacterial Hairbrush Sanitiser. Safe to use on all your combs and brushes, differing from other products, Denman’s Anti-Bacterial Hairbrush Sanitiser contains a ‘Quat’ based disinfectant and ingredient that kills 99.99% of germs and viruses, but is perfectly safe for use on all types of combs, brush handles and bristles.  It is also perfectly safe to use on many other items such as scissors, clippers, capes, chairs, and counters

While the new Denman Anti-Bacterial Hairbrush Sanitiser is suitable for most hair tools and surfaces, it is important to check with the individual care instructions of each product.

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