Quejío Collection by Anna Barroca

The Quejío Collection speaks of our roots and the essence that makes us unique and genuine beings. It takes us to Andalucia, a land of strong feelings and passions, to represent strong, carefree women with a lot of personality.

As a result, we are faced with an audacious proposal that mixes flamenco and rock, with very disconnected and free hair that takes centre stage. The colours, vibrant and irreverent, reflect the personality of each woman. The styling in the Quejío Collection by Anna Barroca shows the power of details. The make-up adds strength and daring to the total look.


Quejío Collection

Passion is that inner fire that drives us to conquer our most personal desires, those that guide our path, no matter what others say. It burns deep in our soul, but is reflected in everything we are and everything we do.


Quejío Collection

What is different, what escapes from routine and norms, that is the true art. Personal expressions that choose unexplored paths, that surprise and leave no one indifferent.


Although it is difficult to describe in words, when someone has “duende” there’s no room for doubt. This kind of charm impregnates everything and captivates everybody, with its magnetism, its magic and its authenticity.


Quejío Collection

We have to live life with enthusiasm and courage. Look it in the eye, with the rogue attitude of those who are willing to make the most of it and enjoy it according to their own instinct. The time best spent is the one we dedicate to be faithful to our own feelings.


Quejío Collection

Our roots stay with us throughout our lives. They are our home and our voice. They remind us that there is only one valid path and that is the one we follow based on our deepest and most intimate convictions, with strength and confidence.

Hair & Styling: Anna Barroca Photography: David Arnal MUA: Anna González Models: Flor Olivera Products: Montibello PR Agency: ComunicaHair

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