A memory (recollection) by Alexander Kiryliuk arises from a chance encounter that reflects a moment of change.

A photo of himself taken 20 years ago, the last in analogue format  –  personal anecdote that is embedded in a historical context of general change. The end of one stage and the beginning of a new one. A transformation process in which technology finds its way into our lives and which we cannot resist. 

Creative Team: SK Style Barcelona @skstylebarcelona

Art Director: Alexander Kiryliuk @alexander_kiryliuk

Hair: Kílian Garrigós, Inna Lipkovich @kiliangarrigoshair @innalipkovich

Photos: David Arnal @davidarnalteam

Make-up: Miguel Silva @ miguel.silvac

Graphic Design: Javier Villalabeitia @javiervillalabeitia