Recruitment: Wella Professionals Creates Ideal Solutions

Recruitment: Wella Professionals Creates Ideal Solutions

Wella Professionals continues to roll out its caring industry initiatives and now it has launched a hairdressing recruitment Facebook page, aptly called Hairdressers Jobs UK&I, to find industry recruitment solutions post COVID-19.

The idea behind the free Facebook group is that hairdressers looking for work can be teamed with salons who are recruiting. Focussing on the UK & Ireland, the page can be used for salons to post vacancies and for hairdressers to post their key skills and new role requirements. 

As we enter this new phase of post-lockdown, with many hairdressers seeking new roles, as well as many salons needing more staff to cope with demand, this group is proving a big hit within the hairdressing community. 

It’s open to all hairdressers, not just Wella salons, and is another example of how Wella is continuing to support the hairdressing community throughout COVID-19. 

To connect with the Hairdressers Jobs UK & Ireland page CLICK HERE

 Image: Stock Photo