Return of the Crop

Return of the Crop

Cropped hairstyles and pixie cuts are such an iconic style and never go out of fashion! Over recent years we have noticed these becoming more and more popular, and also becoming more daring and adventurous.

The great thing about these haircuts is that they are so versatile – there’s a style to suit everyone no matter what your face shape. They can also be worn very relaxed and effortless for everyday or can be styled in a more formal way for a night out or event. 

Dylan Brittain, Owner of Rainbow Room International’s George Square Salon, looks at variations on the theme of The Crop and their stylish connotations.  He highlights below a few of his favourite cropped and pixie haircut styles, detailing the face shapes they suit and the best ways to style them.

For round face shapes a shorter pixie cut looks great and compliments the face well. Paired with a choppy fringe this adds some softness to the style whilst giving it a sexy finish. Like most pixie and short haircuts, this looks great when worn with texture but also works incredibly well-worn super sleek and smooth for a more sophisticated and elegant feel.

For serious cool girl vibes, adding a micro fringe into a pixie (below) or cropped hairstyle is a great choice. For square and diamond face shapes, I would try to stray away from this style as it will enhance the strong lines of the face and instead, suggest a softer fringe like a side fringe to your client. Round face shapes should wear this style messier to balance out their features. Long, oval and heart face shapes suit this style best and compliment the face structure. Worn messy or sleek this style is great. However, it is important to discuss with your client taking into consideration maintenance of the fringe with this look and that they may need to go over this with heated styling tools to keep it looking its best.

A classic pixie cut (below) this style features lots of texture and is great for oval face shapes in particular. The beauty of this cut is that it contains a lot of length on the top that can be easily styled. Simply scrunch in some texture spray like a salt spray or some mousse into damp hair with your fingers and leave to air dry for a more messy and effortless finish.

I love the cool and rebellious style of this haircut (above right). This hairstyle can work really well for all face shapes due to the contrast of the super short sides and length on top. However, this haircut looks particular best on those who have a strong bone structure and want to highlight these features as much as possible. When styling this look, I always recommend using your fingers and a texturising spray to break up the hair on top and move it in different directions for more of a statement and edgy finish.

This haircut features a lot of texture on the top (below) of the hair, however, some longer pieces of hair have also been kept at the back of the head. This hairstyle is a pixie meets mullet and is perfect for those looking for something a bit quirkier. Due to the longer pieces of hair this style is perfect for those with a more prominent jaw and a square or heart face shape, helping to soften the angles of the face. Clients should embrace their natural waves or curls with this style for more of a natural finish or a heated styling tool can be used to add some movement into the hair.