Rino Riccio Hosts Inspirational Men’s Hair Workshop

Rino Riccio Hosts Inspirational Men’s Hair Workshop

Rino Riccio (top right) from Manifesto hosted an online men’s hair workshop on behalf of The Fellowship for British Hairdressing,  with mentors Robert (bottom right) Masciave and Desmond Murray (left) creating two very different looks.

Desmond Murray was first up, with a graphic cut on textured hair. Showcasing how to use clippers creatively ‘like a paint brush’ he offered insightful tips on visually refining the style shape.  “Once you know the rules you can break the rules,” he explained. Current Fellowship Men’s Image of the Year winner Robert Masciave then took the floor: “My philosophy is that hair cutting techniques have no gender, so it’s essential to learn all techniques to become trend proof and tackle any type of hair,” he commented. 

Creating a fluid, soft, layered look with an early 70s vibe Robert explained his approach to cutting, starting with the Artisan Creative Mind which he compared to building a house: “First build strong foundations, then follow with the architecture and interior design,” he advised members.  He created the look using his eBlade scissors. Demonstrating how to hold them to create different effects, Robert explained how these specially developed scissors help give hairdressers creative freedom.

An inspirational session says Simone Williams from Tonic Hair and Beauty House: “Both educators were really interesting to listen to, showing different techniques and sharing a way of thinking that hairdressing is not just about gender.” Darrel Starkey-Gettings from Taylors Hair Studio added: “The session was so much more than expected. It was inclusive of all hair textures, teaching all types of techniques rather than just the trends.”

Rino Riccio wrapped up the workshop by thanking the mentors for generously giving their time. “The Fellowship is like a family.  Coming to Britain I’ve never seen a community like this anywhere else. It’s something very special and cool, keeping people inspired when they are struggling to be inspired,” he concluded. 

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