Say hello to this game-changing hair dryer, from the co-founder of ghd

For too long we’ve accepted too little from hair dryers. They’re clunky, noisy, inefficient and heavy. Growing tired of what was on the market, ghd’s co-founder, Gary Douglas, set out to do one better with his new brand, Hail Your Hair.

Bringing yet another revolution to the hair styling industry, Douglas designed the ionic Hail Your Hair Dryer using next-level technology that looks after your hair. Lauded by industry professionals for its power, light weight, quietness and sleek results, the Hail Your Hair Dryer packs a punch for an affordable price.

For only £149.99, the Hail Your Hair Dryer costs between 25 and 30 percent less than comparable products. Thanks to an online-only sales model, Hail Your Hair do not need to inflate price tags to compensate for third-party distribution costs.

“From 25 years in the hair and beauty sector, I knew that there was technology around to allow us to design better-performing dryers while delivering more value for customers,” says Douglas. 
“People ask ‘why are hair tools so expensive?’ – and it’s just profiteering,” Douglas explains. “We thought we’d cut the layers of distribution out and just sell at a reasonable price.” 

The hair dryer has been praised by haircare professionals, including Joseph Yildiz, owner and director of two eponymous London salons, who says:

“I have been in the hairdressing industry for over 25 years and I’ve always had an issue finding a hairdryer that won’t damage my clients’ hair. Hail Your Hair Dryer is powerful but has a very gentle heat that makes my clients’ hair shiny, sleek and bouncy – just what I love to see!” 
Thanks to its high-speed brushless motor, the Hail Your Hair Dryer is one of the quietest on the market at only 79 decibels. That’s 20 percent quieter than its competitors, and a game-changer for anyone who wants to have a chat or watch the TV while getting ready.

Most importantly, with an ergonomic airflow design, hair is dried by wind speed and not just heat. This helps to protect the hair’s protein, keeping hair looking and feeling super healthy.

Super stylist, fashion presenter and regular guest on This Morning, Jill Pollitt, has been testing the Hail Your Hair Dryer, saying:

“Having been in the fashion industry for many years I know your hair is your crowning glory. The Hail Your Hair Dryer is everything I want from a hair dryer. With naturally curly hair, it’s important to me to have the best diffuser possible. This dryer did not disappoint. The focused control of the attachment was better than any I’ve tried before. It also gave me the ability to blow dry my hair as smoothly as in a professional salon. I can’t be without it now. It really has transformed my hair.” 

Quality assurance is the number one priority for Hail Your Hair, so the brand offers a three-year guarantee and a hassle-free return policy if customers are not completely satisfied. While the dryer is intuitive to use, there are helpful blow-dry tutorials over at

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