Scalp Care – Advice for those Lazy Days in the Sun

You may have lustrously thick hair that covers your head in a gloriously abundant mane of loveliness. So no worries about your scalp when you’re lazing in the sun, then? Think again. Scalp care is vital in the hot months, however protective you think your hair might be.

Here is some top scalp care advice from our salon experts:

Hydrating scalp care from within

Scalp Care

An unhealthy scalp can be a reflection of overall hair and scalp health. If the scalp is damaged or compromised, it can impact the quality and strength of the hair. Weakened hair strands may not hold onto colour as well, resulting in faster color fading or an inability to achieve desired colour results. Therefore, clients looking after their scalp is so important not only for hair growth, but also for their colour too, and allowing this to look its very best. Aside from using good quality, professional scalp products, clients should also look after their scalp from within – drinking enough water and keeping their skin and scalp hydrated and having a balanced diet that’s rich in vitamins and minerals in order to support scalp health. Brian Leo McCallum, Owner of ROAR Salons

Avoid extra heat!

When it comes to advising clients on how to take care of their scalp during the hotter summer months, I always recommend that clients try to avoid excessive heat styling. The use of heated styling tools can further dry out the scalp and cause damage to the hair. Suggest that your clients embrace natural hairstyles or opt for heatless styling methods during the summer to minimise potential harm. If they do need to use a heated styling tool, they should always use a heat protection spray to ensure their hair is protected at all times. Slicking the hair right back off the face to disguise the parting is a great way for clients to avoid burning in this area and to give their scalp protection. Lea Shaw, Owner of Rural Fringe Hair

Protective Hairstyles

Taking care of the scalp during the summer months is important to maintain a healthy scalp and promote optimal hair growth. One of the most important things clients should do is protect their scalp from the sun. Just like the skin, the scalp can be susceptible to sunburn. Therefore, you should always advise your clients to protect their scalp by wearing a hat or using sunscreen specifically designed for the scalp. This will prevent sunburn, dryness, and potential damage to the hair follicles. Their scalp can also be protected further by trying out more protective hairstyles – hairstyles that protect the scalp from direct sun exposure and reduce friction. Suggest braids, buns, or updos, as these styles can help shield the scalp from harmful UV rays and minimise sweat and oil buildup on the scalp. Andrew Smith, Owner of Andrew Smith Salons and Milkshake Global Ambassador

Chlorine – Know your enemy!

Scalp Care

Chlorine from swimming pools can strip the scalp and hair of natural oils, leading to dryness and damage. Advise your clients to wet their hair with clean water before swimming to reduce chlorine absorption and to rinse their hair thoroughly afterward. Suggest using a clarifying shampoo to remove any chlorine buildup. One tip I provide to clients is to apply a hair mask/treatment throughout their hair before going in the pool to keep it protected from the chlorine and to give it an extra dose of moisture. This is also great tip to help retain moisture in the hair and stop the sun from drying the hair out. Suzie McGill, Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International

Hydration is key!

The summer heat and sun exposure can cause the scalp to become dry and itchy. With that in mind, clients should use a hydrating scalp treatment or a moisturising hair mask to keep the scalp nourished and prevent dryness. The ALTERNA Renewing Scalp Care range is a must for clients who are looking to take more care of their scalp, including ingredients like sweet almond oil, white charcoal, sea salt, peppermint, tea tree oil, and hemp seed oil that help to the keep the scalp hydrated whilst also keeping it calm, soothed and refreshed. The Scrub-To-Foam within the range is a particular essential – scalp scrubs are essential for exfoliating the scalp, getting rid of dead skin cells and excess build up, keeping the scalp clean and healthy to help promote healthy hair growth. Joana Neves, Editorial Director at ALTERNA

Scalp Stimulation

Scalp Care

Always have a chat with your clients before their appointment about any concerns they may have in regards to their hair or scalp. By doing this, you will be able to recommend the most suitable scalp care services and products to address their needs effectively. A scalp massage in the salon is not only relaxing and therapeutic service, but it also focuses on stimulating the scalp and improving blood circulation. It helps promote relaxation, reduce tension, and can contribute to healthier scalp and hair growth. If your salon has any scalp exfoliating treatments, scalp masks or deep cleansing treatments, these are great services to upsell to your clients during their regular appointment to help address any scalp issues they may have. Tina Farey, Editorial Director at RUSH

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