Schwarzkopf Professional take the BAFTA Television Awards

Schwarzkopf Professional recently snapped up the opportunity to be the official hair partner of the BAFTA Television awards in partnership with P&O Cruises.  As part of their Partners in Craft initiative Schwarzkopf Professional’s goals are to partner with live events to give hairdressing talent an opportunity to be part of the glamorous action, those ‘money can’t buy’ opportunities.  With the rise of award events, working backstage on celebrities and VIP guests has become a popular additional source of profile building for hairdressers as well as working in a differently invigorating environment in which to develop skills.


“We are passionate about championing hairdressing talent and have grown a reputation in partnering with the industry’s most exciting salons whilst developing ranges that bring the most innovative technologies and latest trends directly to the hairdressers’ hands to do the work that only they do best.  So, when we were offered the chance to partner as hair experts on the BAFTA event we immediately thought of putting a team together lead by Philipp Haug who brings an incredible mix of classic and contemporary skills, the results speak for themselves.” commented Head of Marketing for Henkel Consumer Brands Professional UK & Ireland, Annamarie Freeman.


In-demand Schwarzkopf Professional education ambassador and former London Hairdresser of the Year, Philipp Haug drew on his 20 years of industry experience and regular backstage at London Fashion Week to lead the team and ensure that every guest left feeling their glamorous best-self.


“It was a great experience working with the BAFTA team in the preparation for the awards, high energy, super organised and a lot of fun.  Awards day was a fantastic opportunity to lead a team of incredible hairdressers from both Schwarzkopf Professional and Haug London Haus.  And of course, It was great to meet so many nominees backstage and to look after TV icons like Daisy May Cooper”. Philipp Haug, Haug London Haus & Schwarzkopf Professional Brand Ambassador


The team working with Philipp brought together a wealth of incredible skills and experience with eight other outstanding hairdressing specialists in their field including Adrian Paoluccio, Christopher Laird, Dan Joy, Darcey Clarke, Dora Lioli, Julian Marques, Marzen Cielen and Vishali Visavadia.   This incredible BAFTA TV styling squad worked backstage creating looks on Ellie Taylor and Daisy May Cooper and Chloe Lloyd along with a host of other VIP guests who visited the style suite.


Here are some comments from the hairdressing team, demonstrating just how energising working on an event like the BAFTA TV Awards can be:


“What an incredible experience, firstly looking after the nominees to create BAFTA fab hair but also behind the scenes doing the presenters just before they went onstage to announce the winner.” Julian Marques, Haug London Haus


“Working at the BAFTA TV Awards was an absolute dream come true for me.  It was my first time working at BAFTA, and I couldn’t have asked for a more incredible experience. The day was filled with energy and creativity. Collaborating with Philipp and his talented team, as well as the amazing Schwarzkopf Professional team, was an absolute pleasure. Being surrounded by talented professionals who shared the same enthusiasm for their craft made the experience even more enjoyable. I am grateful for the chance to have been part of the BAFTA team, and the memories from that fantastic and fun day. This opportunity gave me a platform to display my skills and creativity and I am immensely grateful for the experience.” Adrian Paoluccio, Smiths Salon, London


“I had an absolutely wonderful time at the Bafta event. The backstage atmosphere was filled with joy as we worked diligently to make our guests feel fabulous for the evening party. The room was bustling with energy as everyone focused on their tasks, creating incredible hairstyles. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed capturing digital content of our guests and assisting our talented hairdressers with styling. This event was unlike anything I had experienced before, making it truly remarkable. The people, the vibe, and the hotel were all amazing, and it was an incredible experience to witness the anticipation of the paparazzi outside the hotel and see everything from a different perspective. I genuinely loved every moment, and I would eagerly do it all over again.” Marzena Cielen, Billi Currie, London


“Working in the style suite was an amazing experience! I got to do the thing I loved whilst meeting so many wonderful people. It gave me so much inspiration and excitement for the future! Schwarzkopf Pro supported myself and the stylists so well and I felt like I truly been spoilt. Thank you so much and I can’t wait for more amazing experiences like this.”

Vishali Visavadia, Georges, Leicester


“I was so thrilled to receive the call to ask if I would be a part of the Schwarzkopf Pro styling team at this year’s BAFTA TV awards! The day from start to finish was just fabulous. Philipp was so welcoming and the whole team had such an upbeat vibe. It was fantastic see my clients leave the style suite all excited for the night ahead and to see my work hit the red carpet!” Darcey Clarke, Darcey Maria Hair, Wolverhampton


“It was amazing to be back at BAFTA! It’s such an exciting opportunity to work with lots of different kind of creatives from TV directors to actors, influencers, special guests and, of course, people who are receiving their awards. I loved the feel of the day, super chilled within the suite with an incredible buzz that you only find at these kinds of events – it is such a nice atmosphere. As always, my favourite thing is working with the person in my chair to create a look that compliments them. Going from what their wearing, what they want to feel like what they want their red-carpet images to look like, I work with them to create a look that will bring their vision to life. It was great to work with Philipp, it was our first time working together and it was great. It really was so nice to do something a little bit different with Schwarzkopf Pro.” Christopher Laird, November Collective, Edinburgh


“I had a really good experience being part of something as iconic as the BAFTA TV awards! It was really nice to be in the styling suite in the morning getting the nominees ready, seeing them support their fellow nominees too. There was an infectious energy. For me personally I think opportunities like these are so important because they keep me inspired and it’s great to be a part of something bigger”

Dan Joy, Haug London Haus


“Working in the style suit at BAFTA reminded me how beautiful and gorgeous it is to come together in the same room as so many talented people. It was such a nice vibe being together in one room helping and inspiring each other. Being able to collaborate alongside Schwarzkopf Pro was amazing too, it ensured we had all the products we needed to create any look and to make the dream come true for each individual client, bringing to life how they wanted to see themselves at the event. It’s so nice to see your work walk down the red carpet and then the photographs shared across so many different platforms, it’s a celebration of your creativity and who you are and makes me proud of my craft. I really had the best day and left with a huge smile on my face.” Dora Lioli, Haug London Haus


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